Blue Water Bound

23 December 2013 | Puget Sound
17 November 2013 | Seattle and the San Juan Islands
18 February 2012 | Seattle's Tallest Skyscraper - Columbia Tower
22 January 2012 | Greenlake
18 January 2012 | Overlooking Puget Sound
07 January 2012 | Carkeek Park, Seattle
02 January 2012 | Pacific Northwest
29 December 2011 | Just off of West Point
22 December 2011
28 November 2011
10 September 2011 | San Juan Islands
26 August 2011 | San Juan Islands, Washington
30 June 2011 | Seattle
02 May 2010 | Milltown Sailing Association in Everett
02 May 2010

Staying Connected at Sea

19 May 2010
Our boat won't sail itself to a distant destination. Kevin and I will have to take shifts to get there. During 'Round Whidbey, WINSA's annual race around Whidbey Island, a 30 hour race, Kevin and I were on the same shift. Sailing during the day was peaceful and playful. We sang, ate good food, played word games, talked about the race and gave each other back rubs. The wind was steady, the sun was shining and currents complimented our course.

We started shifts with the crew of 6 after dinner. Kevin and I were the first to rest. After our 2 hour break, which ended up being about 40 minutes of actual sleep, my eyes were tired and I wanted more sleep. Taking over for the opposite shift, I was frustrated with the subtle breeze and conflicting currents that seem to be a tradition of the island's south tip during this race each year. Once night fell, the wind dropped and the cold set in, our time sailing together on the same shift wasn't as romantic and carefree anymore. It was cold and frustrating. When we're blue water sailing, it will be colder. When we're blue water sailing, we will be ships passing in the night, keeping opposite shifts to sail the boat.

Colder; I can handle with better gear. Frustrating; that will change when the focus isn't on racing and trying to beat other boats. The part I'm apprehensive about is the ships passing in the night part. I want to go on this blue water trip to be with Kevin, not pass buy him between shifts.

I want to sail together and be together. I want it to be romantic and carefree as much and as often as possible. Anyone have ideas on how to stay connected when cruising?
Vessel Name: Nirvana
Vessel Make/Model: San Juan 7.7
Hailing Port: Port of Seattle
Crew: Jamie and Kevin Hood
About: We're going blue water sailing, but first there are things we need to do to get ready. We're here to share what we are doing to prepare for our trip. We hope to inspire those who might like to do the same and learn from those who have stories and lessons to contribute to us.
Extra: I make jewelry too! Sweet Nirvana Jewels was created out of a passion for beads and sailing. All profits are put in to Jamie and Kevin's boat fund, which supports the adventures they have together sailing the waves and racing the wind.
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Created 2 May 2010

Who: Jamie and Kevin Hood
Port: Port of Seattle
Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little. ~Paul Carvel