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Fall has arrived!

04 October 2007 | Annapolis, MD
Donna & Dave
For the first time this morning there was mist floating on the water when we got up. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful view every morning. But today was particularly special with the mist gently floating above the water which was mirror calm, and the anchor lights from the many vessels that have now joined us in Back Creek reflected in the mist. If only we could have captured the stillness on camera, we would have done so but regretfully our camera could never do justice to the scene (the photo above was actually taken last year on our trip down the Chesapeake Bay).

For the past several mornings now the weather has been very autumnal and Magic has been covered with dew. The days are still very warm, but the mornings and evenings are glorious and we're finally able to sleep with all the hatches open instead of having the boat completely shut up with the A/C running (thank you Fred & Kathy, Magic's previous owners, for installing the air conditioning!).

Annapolis is a crazy town right now. The Annapolis Sailboat Show started today, and it's the largest 'in water' sailboat show in the whole US. For the past week we have been watching as the show came together. The yard is directly opposite the show site so we have been able to see the exhibition boats being loaded into their berths. It's done with military precision; there are 200 boats on display and every boat has a specific loading time. Miss your spot, & you miss the show, no exceptions! We will be attending the show over the weekend, with hands firmly placed in pockets and plastic left at home. The last time we visited "just to take a look" we ended up spending ........., well more than we want to remember. So this time restraint is the order of the day (yeh, right).

As we mentioned earlier, Back Creek is now full of anchored boats, as are all the other numerous creeks in the area, and much of Annapolis Harbor itself. Cruisers are gathering to start the journey south for the winter. Six more long weeks, and we'll be joining them.
Vessel Name: Magic
Vessel Make/Model: Baba 40
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: David & Donna Glessing