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Long Island

14 January 2008 | Long Island, Bahamas
We arrived in Thompson Bay, Long Island and had set our anchor by 2.45pm on New Years' Day. We had had to motor-sail all the way from Georgetown but it had been a good trip and we were pleased to be finally on the move. The nasty front that had been forecast was due to pass us sometime during the following afternoon, but in the meantime we had almost dead calm weather and a very peaceful night. When we awoke the following morning the sea was so calm that each boat in the anchorage was perfectly reflected in the surface of the water. The calm before the storm.
Sure enough, the wind started to build the following afternoon and by dinner time it was a sustained 25kt to 30kt. The anchorage at Thompson Bay is very well protected with a good sandy bottom and we had no fears about the anchor dragging, so after dinner we settled down with the laptop to watch a movie. A short way into the evenings' entertainment we heard a strange fluttering noise and thought that a bird had somehow found its' way into the salon. Further investigation revealed a large moth with a 6" wingspan sheltering behind the door to the aft cabin. Reluctant to send him back out in to the storm, we left the moth to shelter behind the door, and early the following morning he left.
By the following afternoon everything had calmed down again and we felt secure enough to leave the boat for a few hours and venture to 'Tryphena's' bar for a pre-dinner drink. Our friends Dave & Margi on 'Wayward Sun', Christian on 'Christa' and Jay & Diana on 'Far Niente' joined us and we spent a pleasant few hours discussing our plans for the following few days. The previous year we had enjoyed many long walks along the beaches on the Atlantic side of Long Island and a decision was made to try to find the trail to the other side of the island the following morning.
The telegraph poles along the road in Long Island are numbered, and Dave vaguely remembered that the start of the trail lay alongside pole number 107. He was almost right! We found it behind pole number 108. The trail had become a little overgrown since the previous year and we could have done with a machete to help clear some of the undergrowth but we slowly made our way across the island and were eventually rewarded with wonderful views, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water where we could take a dip and cool off before the long hike back.
The next days' task was to buy a few provisions. The grocery store was several miles from the anchorage, but this is rarely a problem on Long Island as it is easy to hitch-hike. In fact many cruisers have hitch-hiking races to Clarence Town, the largest town on the island, for lunch. We weren't going to engage in a race on this occasion, but guessed that trying to get a ride for 6 people heading to the store may present a problem. Oh but not so! Within 5 minutes of reaching the road Dave had flagged down a flatbed truck delivering concrete to a local factory and we all clambered on to the back, clinging on while the driver did his best to avoid the many potholes in the road. We even got a ride on the same truck back to the boats and along the way Dave managed to buy a whole branch (no, not a hand. A whole limb!) of bananas from a local homeowner for $5!
After 6 days in Thompson Bay it was again time to move on. We were now thinking about our departure from the Bahamas and our route which would take us south and east to the Turks and Caicos and finally, for this leg, to the Dominican Republic. For the first time since crossing the Gulf Stream we would be forced to make overnight passages. This area is also more remote and we would be encountering the Atlantic Ocean in all its might for the first time. Our passages would therefore have to be more considered than the island-hopping we had been engaged in for the last month. The windows of opportunity for weather were also shorter. With this in mind, and knowing that we had to go around the northern tip of Long Island before we could start to go south, we decided to head up to an anchorage just south of the most northern aspect of the island. In this way we would be well positioned when the right weather presented itself.
On the morning of January 6th we left Thompson Bay and by afternoon were anchored just off of Hog Cay. It is a beautiful anchorage. The cay itself is privately owned, but there was no-one home during our stay apart from the famous Whistling Ducks. These are apparently the only ducks indigenous to the Bahamas, and Hog Cay has the only colony left in the islands. Now we sat, snorkelled, watched the ducks and hoped for a weather window.

Vessel Name: Magic
Vessel Make/Model: Baba 40
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: David & Donna Glessing