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Our BVI's

30 March 2008 | Sopers Hole, Tortola
Lorna & Daniel
Lorna: - Finally we have started 'living the dream' - a long time coming but worth every second of waiting. The four musketeers arrived for two weeks in the BVI's with Dad & Donna. A fantastic 14 days endured. Meeting Magic was first, and what a beautiful yacht she is, or should I say 'ship'!! A 'thank you' to her for being our home and keeping us safe on our travels.

I don't have enough 'blog space' to tell you everything, but all I can say is everything was amazing! A few things I would like to share just to give you a short insight into our fabulous holiday......................

Being with Dad & Donna after 18 months was very special - catching up on stories, photos and spending quality time. Dan was pleased as he's now ranked 'No. 1 Son' and Scott now in at 'No. 2 Son'. Snorkelling most days was brill'; nurse sharks, turtles, rays, this list goes on. Diving also was brill'. The sailing was great. Magic handles very well even with big white horses and we did have some big swells!! The food we got to taste was amazing; conch chowder & lobster bisque, cracked conch, fresh tuna, Dad's homemade garlic bread and bread, Donna' chocolate brownies and cheesecake, this list goes on. We ate very well! Even a nice turkey Easter dinner with Amy's favourite cauliflower cheese. Also meeting some of Dad & Donna's friends that have travelled with them was really nice - nice to live their life with them for two weeks and knowing how important their friends are to them, it was nice to meet them too; Jim & Amanda on Adventure Bound, Kim, Ron & Katie on Island Siren, Irene & Andy on Aphrodite, Shannon, Kathy, Caroline & Violet on Someday Came, Peter & Wendy on Keesje II and hearing lots about Jack, Bettyanne & Molly on Treasure Island. Good luck to you all on your journeys. Keep safe.

The chilled nights with the iPod playing, the waves rumbling, the sun setting and the rum flowing (well, beer for us), the chat flowing and even the playing cards flipping were some of my favourite things. The Baths - what can I say. Fab!! So many more things I could say; places visited - so many, culture experienced - much, fun and laughter - lots and lots!

A fantastic two weeks away. All I can say is 'keep living the dream, Dad & Donna & we love you lots and lots. Although 18 months apart, it doesn't seem like a second. And watch out, we'll be out next year to enjoy some more of your adventure! You make a good charter yacht!

Love you, from Lorna & Daniel (PS thanks to Daniel for the photo memories).

Daniel: Firstly a massive 'thank you' to Dave & Donna for a wonderful two weeks. Lorna pretty much covered everything but my favourite had to be the scenery both above and below the water. Again thanks so much. Hope to come out again soon if you'll have us!

Lots of love, Dan (No. 1 Son!)

Vessel Name: Magic
Vessel Make/Model: Baba 40
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: David & Donna Glessing