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Our BVI's

30 March 2008 | Sopers Hole, Tortola
Amy & Scott
Amy: Well, after all the months saving the pennies we finally arrived in the BVI's (I thought Richard Branson owned them all!!) to be greeted by Dad & Donna who, as Lorna said, we have not seen in 18 months. And they also had the pleasure of meeting their 2nd son-in-law to be for the first time!! Luckily all went well! After the warm welcome we set off to our first home on holiday, 'The White Chateau' in Brewers Bay which, as it sounds is a beautiful villa located in a beautiful bay where the sea is clear blue and the sand so soft on your feet, not like Southend sea front (a beach in the UK)! But after not having a holiday for nearly a year, to be told we would need to be up by 7.30am the following morning to make the most of the good weather for sailing came as a bit of a shock to Scott and myself. But it's surprising how happy you are to get up early when you're on holiday and not going to work!

Our first day sailing was just the beginning of a fantastic holiday as there are so many seriously cool places in the BVI's. In our first snorkelling experience we came across 2 nurse sharks - totally amazing - and a very picturesque island called 'Sandy Spit' so idyllic, just like a postcard!

Dad & Donna's lifestyle is amazing although more hard work than we imagined. We did experience some swells and high waves and Magic heeling on her side, but knew she would not capsize! We both enjoyed the buzz of sailing. We had so many spectacular days it's hard to pick one day, but we both really enjoyed diving the RMS Rhone (a wreck off Salt Island). The wreck became famous when they used the hatch in the film 'The Deep'. This was my best dive to date as it was so exhilarating. If you ever visit the BVI's make sure you snorkel or dive 'The Rhone' and then visit Cooper Island for lunch. And then chilling out in the cockpit under the stars and watching the sunset. What can we say? The whole experience has been "Magic". And a very big 'thank you' to Dad & Donna for being such great guides! Can't wait to see you both in October for our wedding. Dad, NO to Bermuda shorts, but yes you can wear your flip-flops for dancing the night away!

Lots of love, Amy (eldest daughter) and Scott (No. 2 son-in-law to be).

Scott: Magic .........what more can I say. It was great to meet Dave and Donna for the first time, and what a place to meet; sailing the BVIs. Dave .............. Dad, thanks for the hat!!! Donna, thanks for everything and for trying to stop Dave giving me the hat (didn't work though!). Will be good to meet you guys again in October. Thanks, it's been 'Magic'. Scott.
Vessel Name: Magic
Vessel Make/Model: Baba 40
Hailing Port: Ipswich
Crew: David & Donna Glessing