No Cuff Too Tough.....

Muddling my way around middle age on the sea...

29 January 2018 | Pyrenees Venture, North West Shelf, Indian Ocean, Western Australia
01 January 2018 | Chamundi Hill, Mysore, India
30 December 2017 | Chennakesava Temple, Somanathapura, India
25 December 2017 | Sydney, Australia
25 December 2017 | Mysore, South India
08 December 2017 | Hot oily massage rooms, Mysore ....
01 December 2017 | Gokulam, Mysore
19 November 2017 | Mysore City Centre
14 November 2017 | Gokulam, Mysore, India
05 November 2017 | Sydney Australia
22 October 2017 | In my wee hut in the flyblown outskirts of Onslow Western Australia.........
03 October 2017 | Rosshaven Marine Boatyard, Townsville
30 September 2017 | Breakwater Marina, Townsville
28 September 2017 | Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island
27 September 2017 | Cape Bowling Green
26 September 2017 | Cape Upstart
25 September 2017 | Gloucester Passage
24 September 2017 | Airlie Beach
23 September 2017
22 September 2017 | Able Point Marina, Airlie Beach

Back in Oz........Back at Sea but back at Work.......

29 January 2018 | Pyrenees Venture, North West Shelf, Indian Ocean, Western Australia
Hot & Windy
Jings Crivens an help ma boab!!

It feels like I've never been away, apart from the sore bones, yep, the bastard viral arthritis is still hanging around although I'm getting way better, I'm certainly keeping the anti-inflammatory drug companies in business!

Does it sound like I'm moaning? probably, but I'm really not, I'm glad to be back and making some money to spend on Confidence and get her some new toys for the next part of our jaunt North.

Flew back into Sydney early January so I could hang out with my wee brown eyed girl...........

That was just magic! pure mental how quick those wee humans grow, tremendous stuff.

Had a mad dash up to Townsville to the boat, one night only then flew to Perth, had some meetings for work before flying to Exmouth and getting the helicopter out here.........Like a rock'n'roll jet-setter.......without the rock'n'roll!

I'm trying to eat the arthritis out, I'll have to watch though, one of the good things and slightly worrying ones on here is the food, it's superb, I say worrying as I reckon inside of me, there is a great big fatty just waiting to come out;-)Ha! i'll have my work cut out.........

Been here for 10 day's now, 11 more to go, totally looking forward to getting back to the boat and getting stuck into the list of 10 million jobs I want to do, spending my work time wisely researching things to buy for Confidence, good job eh!

So, all in all, things are pretty good, onward and upwards, or even Northwards...........

Happy New Year from Here........

01 January 2018 | Chamundi Hill, Mysore, India
Dark and a wee bit chilly.......for India that is
No mental hogmanays for me this year, dinner with some friends last night (deep fried stuff, a Scotsman's dream!) and tucked up in bed well before the bells, however, I got up at 4am and dragged my poor wee arthritic feet up a thousand steps to the top of Chamundi Hill.

Named after goddess Chamundi, the Chamundeshwari Temple sits atop the main hill. The main hill itself features an ancient stone stairway of 1,008 steps leading to its summit. Approximately halfway to the summit is statue of bull Nandi, the vahana, or "vehicle" of Lord Shiva, which is 4.9m tall and 7.6m long and carved out of a single piece of black granite, you can definitely tell its a bull as it has a massive pair of granite bollocks! :-)

So I'm kinda hoping that climbing up heaps of steps in the dark to a temple squares me away with the big man upstairs for good behaviour....worth a try eh!

Had to wait a wee bit longer for the Sun to come up as after it pops over the horizon it has to make its way through a layer of pollution haze before we see it, and the area here is not particularly industrial by Indian standards.....crikey, makes you think eh......

I wish everybody a healthy, happy and prosperous new year,

Slàinte mhath

Beautiful Temples and Crazy School kid Selfies

30 December 2017 | Chennakesava Temple, Somanathapura, India
Went on a bit of a road trip with some friends to a temple about an hour away, once you got out of the mental traffic round the city the drive through the countryside was great.

The temple was a pretty cool place, and all the carving super extraordinary, more of a museum now as nobody worships there since it was sacked by muslim armies in the 15th century, it was built nearly 1000 years ago.

As you can see from the photo, there were heaps of school kids there who all wanted to have a selfie with the random white folks, felt like a daft celebrity but it was good fun all the same....cracking day.......


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