Goin' South

Cruising the eastern seaboard from Maine to the Bahamas.

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The Photo Gallery

18 December 2010
A quick note about the photo gallery. I've updated the gallery and added several new albums of pictures. I also grouped some of the older albums under one title called "Goin' South - Cover Album". So the older albums are still there with pictures (and accessible), but grouped as sub-albums under the "cover album" so that the main album index is reduced in number and will generally have newer pictures. A couple of the older albums still show but I will be adding photos to those as we continue the trip.

In another note: I'm able to email and post to the blog while underway almost all the time. But (for technical reasons) I can only post photos at wifi hopspots ashore which are usually several days apart. So photos only appear every several days and you may often see a blog posted with no accompanying photo for several days more.

This web album stuff is new to me so I'm learning along the way. My hope is illustrate the trip with attractive and interesting pictures while retaining a pictorial record for Nancy and myself in our dotage. If the albums seem overloaded with birds, it is simply because they are beautiful to watch regardless of what they are doing and I am thoroughly beguiled.

Suggestions and ideas are always welcome.
Vessel Name: Puffin
Vessel Make/Model: Kadey-Krogen 39 Trawler
Hailing Port: Solomons Island, Maryland
Crew: Bob and Nancy Anderson
Former sailors Bob and Nancy moved to the comfort of trawler life 4 years ago. They are recently retired after cruising the Maine coast for 9 summers. They headed south to the Bahamas three winters ago and returned to Chesapeake Bay. [...]
Extra: Spent many years sailing the Chesapeake Bay and on Lake Champlain.
Puffin's Photos - Main
17 Photos
Created 6 March 2012
Just a few of the birds along the Saint Lucie - Caloosahatchee Waterway
17 Photos
Created 27 February 2012
A few shots of Cumberland Island
14 Photos
Created 22 January 2012
Miscellaneous photos of Brunswick and the marina there
20 Photos
Created 15 January 2012
Travels around Sonoma County
20 Photos
Created 28 October 2011
Pictures from the Air Show at Patuxent River N.A.S.
28 Photos
Created 6 September 2011
Pictures around Georgetown
15 Photos
Created 20 February 2011
A collection of older albums from this trip
13 Sub-Albums
Created 18 December 2010
A small collection of some of the fabulous birds along the waterway.
35 Photos
Created 18 December 2010
Mostly Bob, Nancy and friends doing different things at different places
33 Photos
Created 4 November 2010