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Vessel Name: Bobo
Vessel Make/Model: Westsail 32
Crew: Steve, Gill
11 December 2008 | Los Angeles
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11 December 2008 | Los Angeles

Sinks before leaving the harbor?


Sinks before leaving the harbor?

11 December 2008 | Los Angeles
Gill is in Colorado and may be out of touch for a while.
I am setting up accounts with Winlink 2000 and Sailblogs for
communications. The email address for the boat will most likely be
XXXXXXXXX :) . I do not think Gill has a ham license (but maybe a
technician...then winlink is ok... dunno) so he cannot get a HF email
account unless it is through sailmail, marine SSB. The sailblog
account will have our APRS info (winlink embeds this into the email)
so every blog update will have a google earth track and anyone can
find us. Syd is getting his HF license this weekend and I will be
testing the mail system out with you, Syd, and Dan (AF6ER) my Ham
buddy here in LA. There will be the usual packet restrictions, e.g. no
old text on replies and no one gets the e-mail address but a select
few. Most likely everyone else can get in touch with Syd so he can
explain the rules to non-ham emailers. Anyone can keep in touch with
me through the blog, the Gmail account(internet cafes), etc. I can set
it up (winlink) here and then when I cart the ship's computer (my
notebook) up there I can plug it in to the 'ol IC-735. Most likely
first tests next week with Dan's HF rig.You of course can get to me
right on the boat through HF voice or the Winlink address.

Aside from that I have 7 or 8 full pages of lists I am going through
to prepare. Everything from get vaccines and go to the dentist to
"remember saline spray for the medkit" and "jerry can of diesel on
deck to scare aggressive whales away".
It is a busy and expensive time. The first of my 401K depletion
attempts should be coming this week and that will take care of credit
card debt, get a HD camcorder and about 10 pounds of wasabi.
Things seem to be spinning out of control sometimes but I have to keep
telling myself I am covering more bases that I need to and it will be
ok. Since I do not have anywhere to store things I am sitting on a
pile and waiting until Gill gets back to start carting things up there
and living out of a suitcase. The new roommate needed space and it was
not available so he left! But he will be back on the 1st and I need to
be out of the house for real. There are so many things to take care of
before I go, including instructing Syd and Johny on the jet engine,
and painting numbers on the boat I built, signing the title to
Vanessa, and teaching her how to sail it while I am gone. Can't sleep
and workinig 4 hours a day if I am lucky. Too many projects to finish
up here as well. Sandor wants to go to lunch, but it has been
impossible for even that! Tk god gas is so cheap we can fill the boat
wih diesel and get the hell out of here before things start to get
expensive again.
The first part of the trip might indeed be rougher than anything else
including the Cape. Gill says "16 foot seas" and that was in the
I may start posting e-mails like this on the sailblog once it is
running sans email address. Will be amusing to read later on.


Got the winlink account set up, and this sailblog. The "...sails like a tank" will change sometime, had to enter something. "Westsail 32 -Built like a tank, sails like one too."
The 401k depletion is in and it covers the Wasabi. Only. Only the Wasabi.
If anyone wants the winlink address, send me a mail to my gmail account.
Arrest warrant issued for me this morning. If all this crap wasn't enough stress. I need to go in to court tomorrow to take care of it. It was a little citation for "jackassery" but now... Don't worry... I called them... They just want money but I will be driving a little slower on the way home from work.

On land the sharks wear badges.
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