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20 October 2008
20 October 2008


20 October 2008

marina regulations

20 October 2008
Naval Air Station Key West
Boca Chica Marina Rules and Regulations

1. Boat slip rentals at NAS Key West Boca Chica Marina are divided into three different categories.

A. Transient Slips: Transient slips are rented on a day-to-day basis. A boater is permitted to reserve a transient slip for a specific period time (i.e. three days, a week, three weeks etc.) not to exceed thirty (30) days. However, boats may be permitted to stay longer than thirty (30) days if there are no other reservations and the Marina Manager approves the extension.

B. Seasonal Slips: Seasonal slips may be available for boaters who wish to rent a slip for the entire winter season (November 1st to May 1st). Boaters must submit an application by telephone or in person no later than July 15th each year. If the marina receives more applications than the designated number of seasonal slips, then slips will be assigned by a lottery drawing held the first Friday in August each year. If all of the seasonal slips are not assigned by the first Friday in August, they will be rented on a first come first serve basis. A separate drawing will be held for each size slip according to beam. Boaters who are selected to receive a seasonal slip rental will be notified the following week. These boaters will have two weeks from time of notice to accept the slip. If the slip is declined the slip will go to the next name on the list in each size category. In the off-season these slips will be rented at a monthly rate. If all slips are filled in the off-season a waiting list will be developed to assign slips as they become empty.

C. Long-term Slips: Long-term slips may be available for boaters who wish to rent a slip for a period of six (6) months or more. All long-term slips are assigned from a waiting list. Boaters wishing to place their application on the waiting list can contact the Marina Manager by telephone or in person. If a boater declines a slip assignment, they will be removed from the waiting list and may reapply after a three-month period. If a boater cannot be contacted after three attempts at the telephone number provided on the waiting list application, the name will be removed from the waiting list. Persons applying for long-term marina space must provide proof of ownership of the boat. There will be no limit on length of stay for long-term slips. However, all boats docked at NASKW Marina must be seaworthy and each boat situated in a long-term slip must get underway for a period of 24 hours each 12-month period. Accordingly, boaters assigned long-term slips must submit a float plan to the Dockmaster verifying the 24-hour underway period of their boat each year. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in loss of the assigned slip. Float plans will be kept on file in the marina office to track compliance with this underway requirement.

2. In accordance with BUPERS instruction 1710.11 priorities for slip space in the marina are provided as follows:

o Active duty military personnel attached to NAS Key West will receive first priority.

o Active duty military personnel not attached to NAS Key West will receive second priority

o Military retirees who live aboard their boat will receive third priority

o Military retirees who do not live aboard their boat will receive fourth priority

o Department of Defense civilian personnel attached to NAS Key West will receive fifth priority

o No contractors are permitted slip space at the Marina

Renter Requirements for All Slip Rentals

3. All vessels are required to maintain $100,000.00 liability insurance coverage and it must cover the removal of wreckage. All boat owners are required to supply current copies of their insurance coverage to the marina manager.

4. All vessels must be outfitted with the coast guard required safety equipment maintained in good condition. The marina manager has the authority to request a coast guard safety inspection or deny marina space to any vessel not meeting these requirements.

4. All boats must be capable of moving and manipulating under their own power at all times. If any boat is disabled the marina manager must be notified immediately.

5. All houseboats must be of a manufactured design. House barges, floating buildings and other floating houses are prohibited. Ferro cement boats are not eligible for space in the marina.

General Marina Rules for All Renters

6. The use of a boat as a regular dwelling in the marina must be approved in advance by the marina manager.

7. Boat owners are not permitted to sublet their assigned space. Only assigned boats may occupy slips in the marina.

8. Any boat leaving its rented slip at the marina for any length of time exceeding seven (7) days must submit a float-plan including departure and return dates to the Marina Manager.

9. Anytime a boater temporarily vacates his/her rented slip for a period in excess of seven (7) days, the marina reserves the right to rent the vacant slip on a day-to-day basis to other boaters until the original renter returns.

10. Any alterations or additions to Marina property, including the individual slips must be requested and approved in advance by the Marina Manager. This includes, but is not limited to, cleats, carpeting, nailing up fenders, etc.

11. All power cords and dock lines must be coiled on the boat, not on the dock.
12. All shore power cords must be marine approved manufactured cords. Homemade cords are not permitted.
13. All vessels must be properly secured. No part of any vessel may overhang docks or finger piers.
14. Boat owners are responsible for providing and maintaining dock and mooring lines. All lines must be tangle free and in good condition.
15. All boats on moorings must be secured with at least two mooring lines of the proper size. Mooring lines must include thimbles, shackles, chaffing gear and locking wire. This equipment, including the mooring chain, should be inspected by the boat owner frequently.

16. Anchoring is not permitted in the marina basin or channel.

17. Dinghies are permitted to tie up only in the designated dinghy dock area. Dinghies are not permitted to be stored on shore. All dinghys and bicycles must be identified with the boat name displayed in a conspicuous manner.

18. The marina basin is a designated no wake area. Wakes from dinghies and powerboats must be closely monitored.
19. All trash must be disposed of in the dumpster located in the corner of the parking lot. No trash is permitted to be left outside the dumpster, under tiki huts, in the laundry room or any other location other than the identified dumpster.

20. One electrical outlet is provided for each slip. Additional outlets may be used if they are available for an additional fee. The Marina Manager must approve all requests for use of additional outlets.
21. All guests brought to the Marina must be accompanied by a sponsor. Any person found on the property without a sponsor will be removed for trespassing.

22. After any marina boater function the area must be cleaned, trash emptied and any food, dishes or cooking equipment or decorations removed.

23. It is prohibited to discharge any material that violates applicable state and federal water quality standards. Discharge of bilge water containing oily waste or any material that is harmful to the marine environment is strictly prohibited. Oil absorbent devices are required in the bilge of all motorized vessels to prevent accidental discharge of oily waist. All waist oil and hazardous materials must be disposed of according to state and federal laws (i.e., not in the dumpster, beside the dumpster or on the dock). Failure to comply with this regulation will result in immediate eviction from the marina. Discharge of sewage in marina waters is strictly prohibited. Boat owners are required to minimize the discharge of gray water to the greatest extent possible by utilizing shore facilities. Gray water must be routed to holding tanks whenever possible. All boats equipped with a marine head must be also equipped with a holding tank. All boats berthed in designated "no gray water discharge" slips must be equipped with a gray water holding tank or seal and disable all gray water producing devices onboard the vessel. The marina manager has the authority to perform inspections of holding tanks, gray water-producing devices and overboard discharge. All pump-outs must be entered in the pump-out log. ___

Boat Repairs & Cleaning Regulations for All Renters

24. No major repairs to boats, dinghies, engines or vehicles are permitted on marina property. Any minor repairs must be approved by the marina manager. No repairs are to be performed on shore.
25. Cleaners used on the exterior of boats must be phosphate free and biodegradable. The use of cleaners containing ammonia, sodium hypochlorate, chlorinated solvents or lye is strictly prohibited. Pressure washing, scraping or any abrasive process that removes anti-fouling paint is prohibited in the marina.
Personal Property Responsibilities for All Renters

26. All boaters are responsible for the security and protection of their personal property including, but not limited to, dinghies and motors. Security of these items is not the responsibility of the Marina or NAS Key West.

27. No personal gear is to be stored onshore including dinghies, motors, dive tanks, potted plants, barbecue grills, etc. No gear is to be permanently mounted on docks such as satellite dishes, fenders, tires or antennas. Bicycles must be stored on the bike rack or on the boat.

28. Temporary devices such as barbecue grills, sewing machines, coffee pots, microwave ovens and coolers are not permitted to be stored onshore. When not in use they must be stored in a dock box or on the owners boat. Repair materials such as wood scraps, boat parts and equipment are not permitted to be stored onshore.

29. All renters/boaters are prohibited from leaving soap, shampoo or shower supplies in the heads at the Marina.
30. All renters/boaters are prohibited from leaving soap, clothes or other personal items in the Marina laundry room.

Automobile Parking Rules for All Renters
31. All boaters/renters are limited to using one parking space in the Marina parking lot. No trailers can be stored in the parking lot. Any temporary parking of trailers, campers or other vehicles must be approved in advance by the Marina Manager.
32. Renters/Boaters leaving the Key West area for an extended period of time must make their own arrangements for storage of their vehicles in a storage lot.
Pets and Animal Restrictions for All Renters
33. Pets are generally prohibited in the Marina common areas. An exception is made to allow boat owners to walk their pets directly from their boat, across the street and back to their boat. Pets are prohibited on the beach, in the bar, in the screen porch and under the tiki huts. All pets must be on a leash at all times.
34. All pets brought into the Marina must be registered with, and approved by, the Marina Manager. All boaters/renters must have documentation of current vaccinations etc.

35. Absolutely no rabbits, pigeons, doves, poultry, wild animals, ferrets, pot-belly pigs, raccoons, snakes, rats, mice, skunks, foxes, monkeys etc. are permitted.

36. Breeding or raising animals for sale is strictly prohibited.
37. Feeding raccoons or seagulls is strictly prohibited.
Hurricane/Topical Storm Responsibilities for All Renters

38. In the event that hurricane condition IV should be set, all boaters must begin securing their property and prepare to evacuate the marina. Boat owners are responsible for securing their boats, loose gear and dinghies. Sails and biminis should be removed, dock boxes tied down, steps, gangways and any potential missile hazards removed and properly stowed.
39. In the event that hurricane condition III is set, all boats must be secured and boaters must evacuate the marina. No boaters are permitted to stay aboard their boats or in the marina during base closure and evacuation of Key West. Any boater found to be disobeying an evacuation order will be subject to eviction from the marina.
40. In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm the boat owner is liable for any damage caused to the Marina or NAS Key West by his/her boat or personal property. The boat owner is also responsible for the removal of his/her damaged vessel and/or personal property following a hurricane or storm.

41. Boat owners are not permitted to leave their boats unattended during the hurricane season (June 1st to November 30th). Boat owners who leave the Key West area during the hurricane season must have a designated attendant in place to secure their boat in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm. All boat owners are responsible for providing a designated attendant form to the Marina prior to leaving the Key West area that identifies the person responsible for securing the boat in the event of a hurricane.

Additional Marina Rules for All Renters
42. Any person maintaining his/her boat at the NASKW Marina must immediately notify the Dockmaster of any changes to his/her contact information, including changes to their mailing address, phone numbers or duty station.

43. If for any reason Marina personnel are required to secure any boat or related equipment due to owner neglect, fees for labor and materials will be added to the owner's monthly bill. Labor will be charged at a rate of $15.00 per hour; materials will be charged at retail value.
44. If the Marina staff identifies a need for a boat to be moved and/or removed for any reason, including but not limited to the protection of marina property, protection of other boaters/renters, abandonment of the boat, or non-payment of slip fees, an attempt will made to contact the owner using the contact information listed in his/her Slip Rental Agreement to arrange for movement/removal of the boat. In the event of an emergency or inability to contact the owner, the boat will be moved/removed by direction of the Marina Manager. All expenses relating to such move and/or removal will be the responsibility of the individual renter/boater.
45. Full payment is due monthly in advance. Accounts will be considered past due after the 10th of each month. A $10.00 late fee will be charged on all past due accounts. For accounts over thirty (30) days past due the owner will be contacted for full payment and removal of the boat from the marina. If marina fees are past due by ninety (90) days or the boat is found to be abandoned, the marina has the authority to sell the boat at auction or turn the boat over for salvage.

46. Failure to comply with marina regulations may result in eviction from this facility.
47. Disturbances will not be tolerated. The Commanding Officer or his designated representative has the authority to evict any person repeatedly causing disturbances or discontent among the marina population.
48. Any property, including but not limited to, boats, dinghys, or bicycles found to be abandoned will be properly disposed of by the Marina manager. This may include sale at auction or transfer to salvage.
Vessel Name: Boca Chica Marina
Hailing Port: NAS Key West
Extra: Welcome to Boca Chica Marina! MWR's finest! Located in beautiful Key West FL. We are here to serve America's finest, Mission first... Sailors always. (305)-293-2402
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