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19 August 2008
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Hi and Bye

19 August 2008
Well for those of you who are still checking up on me her I must apoligize. I am sorry for not keeping this up to date. I just read my last post, from La Cruz.

Well life happens and I have made many changes.

In a nutshell, I went to Calleefornee, for a few weeks, sailed for a few months. Up to Mazatalan, over to La Paz in the Sea of Cortez, engine issues, fixed that, went to Burro Bay in Bahia Concepcion for the 4th of July. Got tired of sweating bullets 24/7, hot up there you know. Sailed to San Carlos and put my beautiful Bold Lady on the hard for the summer and came back to Calif. I am now residing here, dating an awesome woman and enjoying life to the fullest.

I always said I would come back here if I was not having fun. The heat and the lack of companionship were too much for me to bear and since I can do what I want, I am here.

This has been fun. I appreciate everyone reading and commenting. You made it very special for me.

Now I lead a life of work and bill paying. Not forever though. Bold Lady still calls to me.

I am the luckiest man in the world and wish all of you a wonderful life.

Crisis is Cured.

Another Way to Piddle Away Time

29 February 2008 | La Cruz
Time. How shall we spend our time? When there is no job to go to spend time, what do I do to while away the hours of the day? I could drink. That is okay occasionally but it could lead to bad things. That is why there are AA chapters down here. I could clean the boat up a little. But, I can only clean a little at a time. I do keep a tidy boat and after my chores are done, what next? I could go swimming which I usually do everyday but again that consumes only an hour or so of the day.

These are challenges that we all face. Exploring by dinghy is fun and can take a chunk of time out of the day. Eating and the associated cleaning dishes could eat up big blocks of time three times a day. I usually only eat once or twice a day and the meals are quite simple so those blocks are relatively small. Reading. Now reading is a time black hole sucking up minutes that will not escape. I have not included sleeping since most of the minutes absorbed by the black hole of reading are spent napping.

I have taken up this blogging, by the way what the hell is a blog?, as another way to piddle away the time available to me. There are so many ways to spend time that I have no time to find ways to spend time. With that I notice I am out of time.

Wo bizt do?

24 February 2008 | Barra de Navidad
Know what that means? I dont know either. Where Have I been? What the heck is happening? Am I alive and well? Does anybody care?

I am in the full swing of the cruising life. Time has no meaning. Dates are unimportant. I live by the sunrise, sunset, lunar eclipses, and the tides. I live much like the ancient cultures that inhabited this country for eons. Well not eons, but at least centuries. I have gone native. I wear only a loincloth, eats berries and howl at the moon. I swim all day, drink a native brew (Pacifico) after swimming and body surfing and forage for food when hunger pains strike. I belong a strange culture of like minded people. We are the cruising community.

My last month has been a whirlwind of moving from anchorage to anchorage looking for the perfect day to swim, or meeting friends for a party at the Palapa checking out a dive site or just getting away from the crowds for a night or two. The weather has been perfect. Sunny, warm and no bugs. 85 in the day and 70 at night. No humidity.

I think I like this Manzanillo, Las Hadas, Barra, Bahia Santiago living. Alas, I must depart for my vacation to California. I will update this blog with some of my observations in the next week or so.
I know this is a bit rambling and may not make any sense, but, that is how my life is right now, I do not have to make any sense of it all. I, like the natives of old, just live for each day.
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