Cruise of the Boundless

We've been threatening to do this for a while and now, by Jove, we've done it. We's gone sailing!

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No surfboard required.....

21 June 2024
David Wells
We did hit 19 knots surfing down a wave a few minutes ago, but I wasn't sitting there with a camera - so the shot above with 14.6 knots a few minutes later will have to do.....

Been a busy couple of days out here on the Pacific. Yesterday we tried fishing, lost the lure. And we tried gybing, and oops - the Karver halyard lock wouldn't release to let us get Big Blue down.

Sorry I forgot to take the camera up the mast, but I was actually pretty busy hanging on up there - you'd be surprised how much more motion there is 80 feet up, even on a catamaran in relatively moderate conditions. Anyway, job done, BB down, gybe, Big Orange up on the other side - and off we go pointed at the barn!! Second time that Karver has sent me up the mast at sea, I'm done with it.

We did fit in a 245 mile day at one point, though we had something like a knot of current helping us, which has now faded.

Today started off dodging squalls, eventually one got us and did nothing more than rinse the decks - no big wind. Whew. Then a pretty big set of waves rolled through for a few hours and was really tossing us around, now settling down.

Forecast says we have another 16 hours of wind gusting into the low 20's, and then a scale down into the high teens that should bring us all the way in.

Atuona 317 miles to go - looking like a Sunday arrival! There is some excitement onboard!

Under 1,000!!

19 June 2024
David Wells
Conditions moderated quite a lot on Monday, and we've been having some really nice sailing without getting the washing machine/pinball effect. All a bit grateful for the change!

We put the old A2 "Big Blue" up yesterday, and have been charging along making good progress. Our halyard locks are doing their job up top, and we have a careful eye on chafe at deck level, with a few improvised solutions.

On our "local yachts" WhatsApp group, two boats have had their spinnakers fall out of the sky in the last 24 hours as chafe mounts and gear wears out....

We started at the back of that 7-boat fleet, we have 3 of them behind us now, including a cat that left Panama 4 days ahead of us.

Steaks, tuna, and plantains out of the freezer onto the grill last night. Fresh food getting a little low - we must be nearly there?

Atuona 800 miles to go!!

Pacific Surfing

16 June 2024
David Wells
And.....we're still sailing out here!! Day 16 in progress, with our highest winds and seas so far.

We have very surprising NE winds here in a region famous for its SE trades; really didn't think we'd be on a starboard tack again this trip, but here we are. Got run over by a series of squalls last night, and after that conditions have gotten kinda nautical. We're down to double reefed mainsail and double reefed genoa.

The motion yesterday was a bit challenging as waves ran up from the south, making the boat skittish. Even though the waves are bigger today they're more straight behind us and the motion is better.

We just surfed down a 12' wave at 20.3 knots in a 32 knot wind gust with coffee cups sitting on the table no problem. Gotta love catamarans.

Shrimp nachos for dinner last night - a dish which must offend several different ethnicities yet is surprisingly tasty! Another smoked salmon & bagels feast planned for lunch today, and maybe some vegetable quiches from the freezer for dinner.

The boat is doing really well, strutting her stuff in these boisterous conditions. The crew is hanging on for the ride!

Atuona lies 1,419 miles ahead - onwards!!

…But the only adventure truly worthy of its name…

15 June 2024
Samantha Wells to study the music by Johann Sebastian Bach.


13 June 2024
David Wells
Sailing into the afternoon of day 13, we have a long predicted increase in wind - fairly minor, but enough to often drive us to double digit boat speeds. Meanwhile the current which has long been against us has turned neutral/favorable.

And more milestones - we're definitely past the halfway point, both in days and miles, sealed by our best 24-hour run this passage through 3pm, 216 miles for 9 knots exactly.

And we passed the 2,000 miles to go mark earlier today!

The weather has turned much warmer the last couple days, even did some stargazing outside last night!

Surf & turf on the grill for dinner with sauteed sweet plantains!

Gentle trades

10 June 2024
David Wells
Well we are in the tradewinds, but they are gentle for now, a little on the light side even.

Yesterday we had a traditional Sunday smoked salmon lunch with bagels and cream cheese; I think the salmon probably came from Chile, and smoked in Panama - it was very good!

We had to motor for a few hours last night to get through a flat spot. When the wind came back it brought schools and schools of flying fish, 29 of which somehow landed on deck overnight! It was pretty messy, ran the watermaker an extra cycle and scrubbed off the deck. Also rinsed off the aft cockpit which was a little grubby and still a little salty from all the spray from earlier.

And the big day finally arrived - spinnaker weather. A little shaky with the light air and some wave action, but doing the job keeping us moving downwind.

Today was boat tidying and a couple small repairs, and experimenting with spinnaker trim with this A2 that is still a little new. It's a quite different shape from the old one, flatter up top.

We joined a WhatsApp group of seven boats, all of them ahead of us on the same route. Sounds like light air right down the line, both north and south of our line. One of them had a close encounter with an 80' whale - exciting little video clip!!

Forecast is promising more wind towards the weekend - maybe a LOT more wind. We'll see...

For now we're enjoying a pleasant and cool afternoon with Atuona 2,539 miles ahead.
Vessel Name: Boundless
Vessel Make/Model: Chris White Atlantic 57
Hailing Port: Gorda Sound
Crew: David & Samantha
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