08 January 2016 | Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas
28 November 2015 | Chat N' Chill, Stocking Island
28 November 2015 | 23 31.00'N:75 45.50'W, Chat N' Chill, Stocking Island
26 November 2015 | 24 05.40'N:76 24.70'W, Black Point Settlement, Great Guana Cay
24 November 2015 | 25 23.90'N:77 55.05'W, Chub Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
22 November 2015 | 29 06.77'N:80 31.78'W, 20 miles off Daytona
21 November 2015
18 November 2015
17 November 2015 | 36 37.60'N:74 37.42'W, 60 miles east of the Outerbanks
16 November 2015 | 38 40.37'N:73 28.35'W, About 70 miles east of Atlantic City, NJ
15 November 2015
14 November 2015
14 November 2015
13 November 2015

What the sky looks like before all hell breaks loose...

08 January 2016 | Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas
What started out as a quiet night at anchor in Georgetown turned into the one of scariest nights we have experienced on Boundless. Earlier in the night, we noticed a wall of clouds off to our south. Thinking they were going to pass by us, we sat down to a quiet dinner at anchor. While we were eating, the clouds to the south collided with a front from the north and caused a derecho. Our calm night quickly turned into chaos. Within 30 seconds we watched the wind go from 10 to 20 to 35 to 57 knots. All of this with no warning and not accompanied by any rain. We quickly sprang into action as the boat pulled back on the anchor, snapped our bridle, spun our wheel over hard, and started bucking in the growing waves. The navigation software indicated that we had not dragged anchor so Chris ran out on the bow while Chuck started the engines. Chris held the flashlight and guided Chuck forward on our anchor to relieve some of the pressure. The VHF started blowing up with people notifying boats that were dragging anchor and heading toward them. We kept a close eye on the boats in front of us and noticed them pulling up anchor while trying to keep safe distance. Luckily, Boundless was not in close proximity to any other boats. The wind sustained at 35-45 for about an hour and by midnight, the wind and seas were calm with the stars shining bright. Even though our nerves were frayed, we managed to sleep a few hours during the night.
The next morning, the VHF cruisers net was full of tales of the carnage suffered over the night. Boats dragging anchor, colliding with other boats, a boat on the beach, broken steering cables, dinghy’s flipped and missing, solar panels gone, hatches ripped off, and miscellaneous stuff blown off boats. One poor little vessel was pounded by a much bigger boat and has pretty much ended the sailing journey of her poor owner. Boats were reporting winds up to 90 knots and 106 just north of our location. So thankful there were no injuries reported!
We loaded up our tools (and Chuck’s knowledge of anything related to boats!) and headed out to help where we were able. Talking with fellow cruisers, we realized everyone was startled with the suddenness of the wind. One lady even mentioning she ran out to help raise the anchor with only her pj’s and no underwear but glad to know everyone was so engrossed in their own problems and didn't notice the full moon. It felt good to laugh after all the tension.
Looking back, we felt well prepared for the situation even though it was so scary and feel blessed that we are safe and no damage to Boundless. Now we look forward to a fun week with our guests from cold Michigan!

A great summary video of our passage!

13 December 2015

Happy Sailors!

28 November 2015 | Chat N' Chill, Stocking Island
Boundless is safely at anchor in Hole #3, Stocking Island, and we are on dry ground! What an accomplishment! Can you tell by the huge smiles?

Cheeseburgers in Paradise!

28 November 2015 | 23 31.00'N:75 45.50'W, Chat N' Chill, Stocking Island
Well, we made it! After 1650 miles we enjoyed some well deserved greasy cheeseburgers, fries and a strong rum drink at the crusiers mecca known as the Chat N'Chill. This is the THE place to be for cruisers from all over to boast about passages made and scary situations that ended fine. Unfortunately for us, the bar was quite empty so we had to cheer to ourselves and relive our own stories. The scariest one had happened only a few short hours before we were enjoying the burgers. In fact, it was probably the one part of the whole passage that our hearts were really pounding and nerves were rattled. In order to enter Elizabeth Harbor between Stocking Island and Great Exuma Island, there are small cuts that require calm water and good daylight. Of which, we had neither. The clouds and rain didn't allow the sun and the swells on the ocean side were really rolling. The water depths change quite fast at the openings from thousands of feet to 20 so these huge waves need a place to break. This is right at the opening of the cuts. Once you turn into the cuts, there is no turning back with the waves breaking right behind you as you enter. We spent sometime outside waiting for a good opportunity but realized we just need to go for it. Hang on! With Chuck behind the wheel and me looking out for breakers, we motored into the cut. At one time, i was looking behind the boat and a wall of green water that was breaking at the top was all that was visisble. We road a few of these in and finally made into calmer water. With hearts pounding and hands shaking we realized we made i t in safely. PHEW! What a ride! Boundless proved herself once again! That is the story we would have told at the Chat N' Chill if anyone was around to listen!

Happy Thanksgiving from the windy and rainy Bahamas

26 November 2015 | 24 05.40'N:76 24.70'W, Black Point Settlement, Great Guana Cay
We woke up this morning with the smell of roasting turkey filling the cabin..then realized it was only a dream. Wish we could have stayed in that dream because it was a bummer to wake up with the wind blowing across the hatch and the sound of rain on the cabin top. Yesterday (November 25) we sailed south of Nassau with a course to Highborne Cay. Once again, we're sailing with about 25 knots (the wind does not stop!) forward of the beam with a triple reefed main and a double reefed staysail. We started our morning with a two hour motor out of Lyford Cay Marina and around the northern side of New Providence. The waves were freaking huge and we had to run both engines at 2200 RPM just to make 5 -6 knots directly into the wind. It was a little hairy with breaking waves as we came out of the 2000' water and into the 20' water just north of Paradise Island, but Boundless rocked it! Also, on the way out of the Lyford Cay channel, we had a wave break right over the bow...good thing we had the forward cockpit door closed! After a well deserved night sleep at Highborne Cay, we contined on early this morning. The wind was sustained at 30 with one gust over 45 during a squall. With a triple reefed staysail only, we could make 11-12 knots. Boundless is treating us great! We don't have a turkey but we do have chicken in the oven and soon the smells will fill the cabin. Missing all our family and friends on this Thanksgiving Day! We are thankful for all of you!
Vessel Name: Boundless
Vessel Make/Model: A57 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Ada, Mi USA
Crew: Chris and Chuck Boelkins
11 years ago, we pulled our kids from school and had a sailing experience of a lifetime. We dreamed of far away places, a different way of life, new friends, challenging experiences, and memories to last a life time. Those memories have always inspired us. [...]
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