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20 April 2016
05 October 2015 | Malaysia, island of Borneo
19 September 2015 | Kuching/Santubong
01 July 2015 | Bali, Indonesia
23 May 2015 | Bali, Indonesia
17 April 2015 | Venu Island
01 April 2015
12 March 2015 | Tioman
01 March 2015 | Papua, Indonesia
26 February 2015 | West Shore of Papua Indonesia
21 January 2015 | Raja Ampat, Indonesia
05 January 2015 | Gam and Waigeo, Raja Ampat
31 December 2014 | Misool, Indonesia
31 December 2014 | Masool, Indonesia
24 December 2014 | Indonesia
21 October 2014 | Philippines
04 June 2014 | Davao
17 April 2014 | Pacific

Rongerik Atoll

29 December 2011 | Marshall Islands
Approaching the pass into Rongerik Atoll.

It was a lot of work putting the new mast and rigging in Brick House. Soon, that will be a two part article in Blue Water Sailing. We were eager to depart Majuro. Being October, the southern hemisphere cyclone season was approaching making it impracticable to pick up where we left off and sail southwest to Vanuatu. We decided to see some of the northern “nuked” atolls of the Marshall Islands since Patrick had read a lot about them. The U.S. conducted the first nuclear experiments at Bikini and Anewetak starting in 1946 and continuing into the early 1950s. Then we would go on to Kosrae and Pohnpei, south west of the Marshalls.

So we got our permits and other required paperwork, and set sail northward. It was a quiet sail for about 24 hours, and then the wind died all together. We had diverted temporarily east of our rumb line because a small open power boat was lost at sea, but it was recovered before we even knew the precise area to look. The boat and 6 occupants had drifted to another atoll. When the wind died we drifted for days, sometimes motoring for a few hours looking for a helpful current. The currents in the atolls are not always predictable and can run contrary to what would seem obvious.

When the wind came up, it came on strong and was of course on our nose. We beat to the most accessible atoll which was Rongerik. We were cautioned by those giving us permission to stop at this uninhabited atoll that it was haunted and you could go crazy if you stop there.
Vessel Name: Brick House
Vessel Make/Model: Valiant 40 #134
Hailing Port: Middletown, RI USA
Crew: Patrick and Rebecca Childress
Patrick completed a solo-circumnavigation on Juggernaut, a Catalina 27 in his younger days. He has been published in most U.S. and many foreign sailing magazines, for both his writing and photography. He co-authored a book titled "The Cruising Guide to Narragansett Bay and the South Coast of [...]
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We decided to take the slow route, down the sidewalk..ie the Intracoastal Waterway, the ICW. We went slowly, and smelled the flowers along the way. We are with old friends of Patricks, new friends of mine...Art and Grace Ormaniec, in Manteo, North Carolina.
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Brick House Crew

Who: Patrick and Rebecca Childress
Port: Middletown, RI USA

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