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01 April 2015
SV Brick House

Details of SV "Brick House"

Every year, instead of insuring Brick House we put money into upgrades and maintenance to be sure she keeps floating and sailing - keeping us safe and comfortable as we go. This list is a running log of the many things we have installed on her over the years and why. I hope it can help anyone who may be outfitting or upgrading their own boat. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about any of these systems, including our installation...since anything we install on our boat, we usually install ourselves and have learned some lessons about that along the way.


May 2016 - Raymarine eS Series MultiFunction Navigation. When we got our new radar, we needed a new screen to see it all on of course! Raymarine was generous with their discounts and we got the latest model of their Multifunction Display, the eS128 model. Our new screen is 12 inches - much better for our aging eyes than our old 8 inch C80! And wow- technology has come so far in 10 years!! The feature rich Lighthouse II software runs really fast on it, and the "Hybrid Touch" makes it possible to both touch the screen like you would a smartphone, and/OR use the old rotary knobs and push buttons to get around, whichever you prefer. With a choice of Navionics+ charts ( our first choice), C-Map, and Lighthouse charts, we aren't limited to just one chart brand any more...Our old AIS is displayed, as well as data from our Raymarine wireless instruments. Installation was so simple - there are now separate plugs for everything - so no Multiplexors, or messing with NMEA 0183data communications. We even have the MFD talking to our smartphone and controlling our autopilot. There is an update coming out soon so that we can even see GRIB (weather) files on the screen too, whenever we may have a wifi connection! The built in wifi allows us to apply software updates right from the unit, as well as use the Voyage Planner software to upload our old routes and waypoints (tracks soon) from our old chartplotter and various applications/files on our PC, wirelessly. Life is just getting way too easy! In love with this new display!!!

May 2016 - Raymarine Digital and HD Colour Radome Radar. - Our almost 10 year old Raymarine analog radar has deteriorated. Although Raymarine was still willing to work with us to repair it ( their customer service remains soo good! ) ...we decided instead to bite the bullet and update our radar with Raymarine's latest and greatest...

Actually, there was ONE model newer than the one we got...the new NEW Raymarine QUANTUM by FLIR...a wireless model. But it was just too new for us (less than 2 months!)...we needed something absolutely tried and true...so we got the RD418HD. Besides that, it was the same mounting system as or old one, so it made for an easy installation. We will update you later on whether it works well or not...we haven't even left the dock yet with it!

March 2016 - We just added a Mantus Anchor Swivel to Brick House. You WANT your anchor chain to hold and to not twist, when you have a current or clocking wind...

February 2016 - Alpenglow Lights We are glad to report that the Alpenglow LED Overhead lights are brighter than the CFL bulbs we had before, AND they consume so much less electricity!

December 2015 - Sun Protection at Anchor We recently (February 2016) updated some bits and pieces on our Shadetree awning - a new pole and a new clip - but overall, after nearly 8 years of on and off use..its still holding up very well!

November 2015 - We added a Mantus Chain Hook to Brick House, and in the worst bouncy windy weather, our snubber and chain hook does not fall off now!!

November 2015 ( and previously in 2010) KIWI PROP When we broke our original one in a very bad grounding this past year, we put on our spare fixed blade prop and promptly ordered another KiwiProp. We love this prop...so fast under power, so fast under sail!

April 2015 ( and previously in 2009) VESPERMARINE AIS We previously had the WATCHMATE 650, but it broke irrepairably. We loved it, but we could not get the 650 any more. The 850 was overkill for us, since we had an external Transponder already. The 750 was our perfect compromise. It has a few more great features, like weather reports and an anchor alarm. And its a great backup as a receiver if we need it. And such low energy consumption!


These are other things we have added to Brick House over the years that continue to function well, and make our boat a seaworthy, oceangoing home. The manufacturers of these products that have also provided excellent after sale support when we needed are noted.

2014 (and 2010 and 2007)- NAVIONICS -Charts for our Raymarine C80 chartplotter, and on my Samsung Smartphone as a backup

2013 ACR - GPIRB - Our last best chance! We have a small portable ACR Aqualink 406 GPS PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) for bringing to the liferaft, on hikes, dinghy excursions etc, as well as an outside mounted, auto deploying ACR Globalfix 406 Mhz EPIRB. See the Article Patrick wrote about our EPIRBS

2013 KANNAD MARINE - Man Overboard - An AIS transceiver worn on each person, so if someone falls overboard...our Vespermarine AIS will show us where they are!

2012 RELIABLE BARRACUDA SEWING MACHINE How we repair our sails and canvas. Reliable Corp continues to provide great customer service, technical support, supplies, repairs and spare parts to us as necessary, often still under warranty!

2012 SAILRITE For all our sewing accessories, fabrics, etc.

2012-ALLIED TITANIUM -Our chainplates, toggles and other bits like clevis pins, bolts and screws, will NOT rust or break again! If you are a subscriber to Practical Sailor , you can see an article Patrick wrote about titanium here: Practical Sailor Article on Titanium

2012 After we were dismasted in the middle of nowhere, BALLENGER SPARS shipped us a new mast after many patient emails back and forth to get everything just right!

"When the Stick Comes Down" Cruising World Article

To see Part I of an article Patrick wrote about our new chainplates, and new mast when our mast came down in the Pacific, check this out: New Chainplates, and getting the new mast

2012- Our sailmaker of choice - MACKSAILS

2012 TIDES MARINE - Main Track System - Even Rebecca can pull up the mainsail now!

2012 PROFURL - When we were dismasted and destroyed the furlers, we wanted to have the same reliable furlers we had on the boat for the previous 20 years, so we chose ProFurl again. They continue to provide great customer service, technical support, supplies, repairs and spare parts to us as necessary, years later!

To see Part II of an article Patrick wrote about remasting/rerigging our boat in the Pacific, check this out: Profurl Roller Furling , Tides Marine Main Track, and Mack Sails..

2011 - SEALIFE CAMERAS For our underwater pictures...

2009 SEABREATHE - How we make our underwater repairs, clean the bottom and unfoul our fouled anchor.

2008 - MONITOR SELF STEERING WINDVANE - Our MVP- steers for days without eating, resting or breaking down. Scanmar continues to provide great technical support, supplies, repairs and spare parts to us as necessary..after all these years!

2007 - SEAFROST REFRIDGERATION - Always ready for a cold one! They continue to provide great technical support, supplies, repairs and spare parts to us as necessary, even after all this time!

2007 - EDSON - High capacity Manual Bilge Pump

2007 - RAYMARINE Wireless Instruments - 9 years and counting! Raymarine continues to provide great technical support, supplies, repairs and spare parts to us as necessary.

2007 FISHERIES SUPPLY Our favorite chandlery overseas...they can get anything anywhere!

2007 IMTRA Electric Windlass - TIGRESS Still as strong as a tiger!

2007 RAYMARINE C80 Chartplotter - So much more reliable than our laptop...and much less amperage draw!. Raymarine continues to provide great technical support after all this time...

2007 RAYMARINE AUTOPILOT - There is a time to use our windvane ( windy condition) and there is a time to use our autopilot ( windy near shorelines or no wind - ie motoring). We are glad to have a dependable autopilot! One part broke in 9 years and counting, and Raymarine provided great and fast technical support and shipped the spare part to us, after all this time!

Vessel Name: Brick House
Vessel Make/Model: Valiant 40 #134
Hailing Port: Middletown, RI USA
Crew: Patrick and Rebecca Childress
Patrick completed a solo-circumnavigation on Juggernaut, a Catalina 27 in his younger days. He has been published in most U.S. and many foreign sailing magazines, for both his writing and photography. He co-authored a book titled "The Cruising Guide to Narragansett Bay and the South Coast of [...]
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Brick House Crew

Who: Patrick and Rebecca Childress
Port: Middletown, RI USA

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