Brigadoon - Puerto Rico and Back

06 April 2014 | St. Thomas, USVI
18 March 2014 | 18 02.103'N:63 05.189'W, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
04 March 2014 | 17 04.605'N:61 40.307'W, Green Bay, Antiqua
22 February 2014 | 17 9.170'N:62 37.887'W, Charlestown, Nevis
11 February 2014 | 18 2.105'N:63 5.171'W, St. Maarten
03 February 2014 | 18 19.715'N:064 56.938'W, ST. Thomas, USVI
28 January 2014 | 18 17.327'N:065 38.050'W, Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico
24 December 2012 | 18 30.342'N:64 22.381'W, BVI
06 December 2012 | 18 18.975'N:64 57.624'W, US Virgin Islands
03 December 2012 | 18 06.551'N:65 22.769'W, Puerto Rico
29 November 2012 | 18 17.167'N:65 38.176'W, Puerto Rico
25 November 2012 | 18 18.863'N:65 13.974'W, Atlantic
21 November 2012 | 18 18.648'N:65 19.065'W, Atlantic
20 November 2012 | 18 58'N:66 09'W, Atlantic
19 November 2012 | 20 38'N:66 43'W, Atlantic
15 November 2012 | 26 35'N:68 36'W, Atlantic
14 November 2012 | 28 36'N:70 33'W, Atlantic
12 November 2012 | 32 10.3'N:72 47.7'W, Atlantic
09 November 2012 | 34 42.949'N:76 39.866'W
05 November 2012 | Belhaven, NC

Islands of Palominos and Vieques

03 December 2012 | 18 06.551'N:65 22.769'W, Puerto Rico
Patty and Doug
After leaving Puerto Del Rey on the mainland, we travelled a short distance NE to the Island of Palominos. A small ferry travels every half hour to this island from the mainland and there is a small resort with a beautiful beach, bar and hotel there. We watched a wedding party having pictures taken on the beach. After the last ferry left there was only us and one other boat. Next morning we sailed to Esperanzo, a small village on the south coast of the Island of Viegues. There wasn't much to see in Esparanzo but we were treated to some nice local music(until 2:00 am) aimed at our anchored boat from a bar on shore. Next morning we made a short hop to Sun Bay, another huge, beautiful, deserted beach. The weather has been very changeable with frequent downpours ibut the sun still manages to shine between showers. Today, we continued east along the south shore of Vieques and anchored in Bahia de la Chiva, another spectacular beach-lined baycomplete with picnic shelters a few of which were actually in use. This was one of the areas used by the US Navy for their war games and we couldn't understand why there weren't any other boats here until we saw a row of buoys like in the above picture. The guide book warns boaters not to pick up any manmade devices i.e. shells when you go ashore. We did collect some shells from the beach but not the explosive type. The last two nights, we have been the only boat in the entire anchorage.There is no development on this island and only two small towns/villages. We have decided to sail back to Culebra tomorrow for a little more action (i.e. more tacos from Zacko Taco) and then the next day on to the US Virgin Islands
Vessel Name: BrigadoonIII
Vessel Make/Model: Saga43
Hailing Port: Vancouver, Canada
Crew: Doug, Patty
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