Brilliant Days

15 August 2018 | Lincolnville, ME
26 June 2018 | Butter Island, ME
29 August 2017 | Buckle Island and North Haven, ME
27 August 2017 | Northeast Harbor, ME
25 August 2017 | Frenchboro, Long Island, ME
22 August 2017 | Hurricane Island
01 August 2017 | Dix Island, ME
31 July 2017 | Tenants Harbor, ME
24 July 2017 | Penobscot Bay
11 May 2017 | Camden, ME
09 May 2017 | Georgetown, ME
08 May 2017 | Rockport, MA
07 May 2017 | Onset, MA
02 May 2017 | Barrington, RI
30 April 2017 | Duck Island, CT
29 April 2017 | Stamford, CT
28 April 2017 | Sandy Hook, NJ
27 April 2017 | Atlantic City
26 April 2017 | Cape May, NJ
23 April 2017 | Delaware City, DE

Camp Brilliant Phase III

18 August 2012 | Camden, ME and surrounding area
Doug, Anisa, Ethan and Dylan arrived late Saturday evening and we spent most of Sunday in Rockland where we saw a film produced by local students at the Strand theater, much to the delight of film critics Dylan and Ethan. Then while Doug and Rich attended a boat show everyone else toured the Farnsworth art museum and other Rockland attractions. Doug and Anisa left early Monday afternoon after much family visiting by all. We took advantage of two beautiful days of weather by once again mooring off Warren Island on Monday afternoon until Tuesday evening. While there some of us (pictured) did a swim around Brilliant and we then spent our time kayaking, dinghy driving, hiking and exploring. We also toured our friends Bruce and Marie Blessington's sailboat moored close by. Water temperature was in the mid sixties on the surface and reportedly colder just below. The rest of the week was filled with movies on the library lawn, visits with family, numerous dinghy tours and an exciting view of a WWII vintage air show that we watched from Brilliant off Rockland Harbor yesterday. Today we will visit the Owl's Head Air and Auto Museum and then tomorrow will meet Doug at the USS Albacore Visitor Center in Portsmouth, NH to transfer the boys for their trip home.
Vessel Name: Brilliant
Vessel Make/Model: Grand Banks 42
Hailing Port: Camden, ME
Crew: Rich and Hildy Itkin
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Who: Rich and Hildy Itkin
Port: Camden, ME