Brilliant Days

15 August 2018 | Lincolnville, ME
26 June 2018 | Butter Island, ME
29 August 2017 | Buckle Island and North Haven, ME
27 August 2017 | Northeast Harbor, ME
25 August 2017 | Frenchboro, Long Island, ME
22 August 2017 | Hurricane Island
01 August 2017 | Dix Island, ME
31 July 2017 | Tenants Harbor, ME
24 July 2017 | Penobscot Bay
11 May 2017 | Camden, ME
09 May 2017 | Georgetown, ME
08 May 2017 | Rockport, MA
07 May 2017 | Onset, MA
02 May 2017 | Barrington, RI
30 April 2017 | Duck Island, CT
29 April 2017 | Stamford, CT
28 April 2017 | Sandy Hook, NJ
27 April 2017 | Atlantic City
26 April 2017 | Cape May, NJ
23 April 2017 | Delaware City, DE

Summer Adventures

24 July 2017 | Penobscot Bay
Summer has fully arrived in Camden, although it had a little trouble making its presence known until early July. Brilliant spent the remainder of May on its mooring in the outer harbor while we waited for some semblance of warm weather. Hildy spent the time in the garden and picking paint colors which Rich applied to the three rooms we had not yet painted in our house. Brilliant's inverter/charger also began exhibiting the same failures as on our trip and was shipped off to an excellent repair facility, Tekris, in New Jersey where it was rebuilt and returned within a week of shipping. The hardest part of the repair was removing and replacing its 60 lb. weight from the depths of the engine room, but with only a few skinned knuckles it is back to normal operation. In June we did a short cruise across Penobscot Bay to Northhaven Island and again with Beth and Jared who came to visit for the 4th of July - with Jared staying for two weeks of Maine time. Jared and Rich helped our friend Dave return a chartered 36' Ellis to Southwest Harbor on Mt. Desert from Camden on the 5th of July. After Jared's departure we cruised to Isle au Haut, one of our favorite destinations, from 16 to 18 July. We had one warm, sunny day on the island and two days of cruising through thick summer fog. This past weekend we took advantage of some more sun and warmth and spent an overnight in Buck's Harbor at the North end of Eggomoggin Reach near Deer Isle, including a meal at the gourmet level Buck's Restaurant ashore followed by a meandering cruise home on Sunday through the many rocky and wooded small islands in Penobscot Bay. The picture is of Beth and Jared enjoying their day on board and by clicking on the Gallery Box more pictures will appear which can each be enlarged by clicking on the smaller pictures.
Vessel Name: Brilliant
Vessel Make/Model: Grand Banks 42
Hailing Port: Camden, ME
Crew: Rich and Hildy Itkin
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Who: Rich and Hildy Itkin
Port: Camden, ME