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Monthly update for November

30 November 2016 | Brunswick, Georgia
Ralph barbecuing a turkey. Each dock has a nice propane grill.

Thankfully the rest of October was nice. The weather was cool but we still had lots of sunny days. I even spent a day at the shell beach at Fernandina with several other women from the marina. At the beginning of November we had a nice surprise visit from our friend Bob from Texas. He came by in his new (to him) RV and arrived just in time for Stewbilee, a chance to taste many different versions of Brunswick stew and enjoy live music. We had a great weekend with Bob! I am still walking most days with Nancy. While walking we have discovered a fall festival and a craft fair. People have begun to leave for Florida and the Bahamas, which makes us jealous, but we'll get there again sometime. The marina catered a delicious Thanksgiving feast which we all enjoyed at the clubhouse. The marina gave Ralph a turkey so he barbecued it a few days ago. It turned out great!
Vessel Name: Fugue
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 36
Hailing Port: Kemah, TX
Crew: Ralph and Beverly Brogdon
About: We sold our house and everything in it, retired from our jobs, and are sailing away to new adventures.
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