April, 2011. We've arrived in the Mediterranean! Our plan is to stay here a minimum of 3 years and see all that we can see. However, as cruisers we know our plans are written in sand at low tide. So . . . Stay Tuned!

23 June 2011 | Hardstand in Marmaris, Turkey
02 June 2011 | Yacht Marina Marmaris Turkey, where else?
18 May 2011 | Marmaris, Turkey
08 March 2011 | Cochin, India
21 October 2010 | Rebak Marina, Langkawi, Malaysia
14 April 2008 | Balboa, Panama
21 December 2007 | curacao, netherland antilles
22 October 2007 | marina bahia redonda, puerto la cruz
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14 September 2006 | milwaukee, wi

Made from love!

23 June 2011 | Hardstand in Marmaris, Turkey
Michael / 93 degrees & hot!
Isn't she lovely! Isn't she wonderful! B'Sheret has a new bottom ! She's as shiny and smooth as Linda's . . . She has new red claret stripes on her topsides. I polished the rest of her and as fellow yachtsmen & yachtswomen(?) walked by, we recieved complement after complement at the gleaming hull. We are so proud of her. She looks like and feels like a new boat again.

We're ready to go back into the water. Greece, here we come!

02 June 2011 | Yacht Marina Marmaris Turkey, where else?
Life on the Hard

Dear family & friends,

We thought it was going to be so easy; Linda & I would take B’Sheret out of the water & place her on the huge hardstand at Yacht Marin where we could just paint the bottom, change our zincs and clean our prop. I can do this myself as I did in New Zealand 2 years ago and the 5 day ordeal of antifouling it normally takes us was going to test both our nerves & patience. We soon learned that we had several not uncommon maintenance issues going on all at once and we would be here longer than expected. It’s easier to just list the projects & show how we are tackling them.

1) Antifouling - We have been carrying 1 ½ gallons of the best paint on the market, left over from our last bottom paint job, Pettit Trinidad SR, but we need at least 2 gallons for coverage. It was not to be found anywhere. Oh there was a dealer in Abu Dhabi and another in Malta but we are here in Turkey. After days of searching we found Sea Hawk paint made in the good ‘ol USA and quite good. We made sure that it was compatible with our paint so we could use what we had aboard & it was.

2) Gel coat blisters- We noticed some blisters on our hull. These blisters are caused by 5 years of sailing in warm tropical waters. Now we decided to strip all the antifouling off the hull & place an epoxy barrier coat down & 2 coats of antifouling paint. The blisters are cut out and new epoxy is faired back in the valleys.

3) Paint the topsides- we were forced to raise our waterline especially at the stern as gel coat blisters located there were just slightly at the waterline. We are going to apply Awl Grip paint, the best 2 part polyurethane paint on the market, to repaint our 2 carmine red boot stripes on the sides. Boy is it expensive!

4) Rebuild the base to our anchor windlass – After days of thinking what to do and almost throwing the damn thing overboard & buying a new one, I found a shop that could weld aluminum and he did a great job. It’s a puzzle now to get it back together on the deck but it will happen.

5) Change the cutlass bearing- Well it didn’t look good in New Zealand & it looked worse now. We had the local mechanic change it but we are good for a long long time.

6) Dripless shaft seal- it was dripping so we changed that too.

7) Tighten the rudder packing gland- we haven’t started yet but it will turn into a major operation.

Life would be so easy if we could do the work ourselves but someone has to supervise all this work & make sure it all gets done professionally and in a timely fashion. Linda & I look after parts that we need, talk to the workers and try to push the work along. And let’s mention some of the other projects. We are replacing 2 sails on our boat at great expense and the mother board on our main computer just died. Last, but not least, our lives are spent at the ATM machines as we buy Turkish lira & Euro dollars to pay for all the bills that are coming soon.

We expect to be 20-25 days on the hard. We have wooden steps leading up the back end so we don’t have to climb a ladder. Showers are a short walk. Waking up in the middle of the night to use the toilets in the cool morning air is very awakening. I take it all in stride & Linda is a trouper as she just deals with it all. It will all slowly come together soon, and the Greek Islands are just a day away . . . when we get there.

Michael & Linda
S/Y B’Sheret

Where are all the belly dancers?

18 May 2011 | Marmaris, Turkey
Michael/ 89F
So we are in the Med. What kind of a place is this? I haven't seen one woman belly dancer! Oh, I've heard rumors that they dance and undress shirts from men & act in a shameless manor. I need to see a dancer that can spin those twirly things around on their breasteses (?) . I don't know how long we will be in Turkey and I might miss the best of it. Sure, we've seen the palaces in Istanbul and the ruins in Izmir. A Roman coliseum is also nice to look at, but come on! Let someone take pity on me and show me a belly dancer. Linda won't do it so I need to seek other means.

Our ship came in!
We were easily off loaded in Marmaris & pulled into Yacht Marin with 1200 yachts on the hard. The two gigantic travellifts never stop as all of these yachts want to now go back in the water. Our turn is coming as we need to bottom paint (the boat) and do some gel coat repair. It is $600 euros just to be on the hardstand for 2 weeks. Rent a piece of scaffold or a ladder and its $50euros a pop. Well we need to get it done & we wanted to come to the Med so we can't complain too much. We are now in Turkish civilization and we can buy a bread , some cheese & a glass of wine & sit out in the cafes as the tourist do. I'm tired of Turkish tea. I drink coffee. We have looked at dozens of carpet . If only they could make one that flies! It's really not too bad here. We also have trouble with our mainsail but that story is for another email.

By the way, that's me jumping into 50 degree water to retreive a stainless bracket that I dropped from our BBQ. I was in & out in 1 minute!
Vessel Name: B'Sheret
Vessel Make/Model: 2003 NAJAD 373
Hailing Port: Newport R.I USA
Crew: Michael & Linda
Extra: B'Sheret is a 37' sailboat built by Najad in Sweden in 2003. It is a well-equipped blue water boat, with a full complement of sailing and safety gear so that she can roam the seas in comfort and safety - which is what we've been doing since January, 2006.
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Who: Michael & Linda
Port: Newport R.I USA