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Vessel Name: Bubbles
Vessel Make/Model: Fast Passage 39
Hailing Port: Seymour IN
17 September 2012 | Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVIs
22 July 2012
10 June 2012 | St. Martin
04 June 2012 | St. Martin
31 May 2012 | Saba Rock
19 May 2012 | english harbour, antigua
07 May 2012 | Bridgetown, Barbados
27 April 2012 | Georgetown, Guyana
22 April 2012 | Paramaribo, Suriname
19 April 2012 | French Guyana
13 April 2012 | Atlantic Ocean somewhere off of South America
08 April 2012 | Amazon River, Macapa, Brazil
01 April 2012 | Amazon River, Brazil
30 March 2012 | Tapajos River, Brazil
28 March 2012 | Amazon River, Brazil
21 March 2012 | Xingu River, Brazil
20 March 2012 | Amazonia, Brazil
18 March 2012 | Para River, Brazil
18 March 2012 | Belem, Brazil
13 March 2012 | Capim River, Brazil
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17 September 2012 | Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVIs

The final blog, Bubbles sold yesterday

First lets go back to that week in May in the British Virgin Islands… we had over 20 sparkling crew on board Bubbles (all wearing the coral crew shirts) approaching the round-the-world finish line at Nanny Cay. With only a few hundred feet to go the propeller fell off. Not being able to raise sail [...]

22 July 2012

the last leg sail

We had good wind on the morning we set sail to complete the 90 mile last leg (from St. Martin to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands) of Bubble’s circumnavigation. With a full boat, I was on deck explaining some navigational markers to some of the more virgin crew when Trevor at the helm yelled [...]

10 June 2012 | St. Martin

Magic Aboard Bubbles

That night in St. Martin the party aboard Bubbles can only be described as magical. With Christmas lights strung up both in the rigging to light the deck, and in the interior to light below, a special glow illuminated the boat that had carried us around the world. Paddy King lead a conga line of Bubbles [...]

04 June 2012 | St. Martin

The Round the World Pre Party Begins!!

The seven of us woke well before sunup to the Indiana Jones theme song cranked over the Bubbles sound system. Sails were up by sunrise with Paddy King at the helm and brother Joe standing by as we watched the morning light illuminate mountainous Saba's cliffs rising from the sea. With 20 knots of wind [...]

31 May 2012 | Saba Rock

the Sea Hawk 4 takes flight

The day sail to Barbuda was sunny with good wind and buzzing excitement from both new crew and old. Arriving in the poorly charted waters we ran aground, but jumping into a shallow sea full of starfish isn't a bad place to get stuck. Ashore the six of us strolled on an endless beach of pink sand with [...]

19 May 2012 | english harbour, antigua

Adding more Bubbles

Bubbles and crew ran completely broke of funds after Carine flew back to Amsterdam. Having neither cash nor credit via any type of card, Diego and I resorted to trading. For a couple dive tanks we got the jib sail repaired, for a regulator we got fresh produce out of a local garden. We were able [...]

Passage to Palau

23 December 2010 | Karor, Palau
Alex Rust
We set sail out of Jayapura, Indonesia headed for the island nation of Palau 700 nautical miles away

Day 1

motored on sea of glass. at night autopilot went off and we made lots of loops before correcting (our track looked cool on garmin, like a coiled spring). made 89 miles, 611 miles to go

Day 2

equator crossing party. i dressed as female neptune (as the shellback, or veteran equator crosser) and blindfolded Ben (the pollywog, one who has never crossed the equator) and after shots of rum (flora de cana from nicaragua) dunked him the in sea with baby parrots Skittles and Skwawks as witnesses. made 105 miles, 506 miles to go

Day 3

motored all day with no wind. at night out of nowhere 15 knot breeze comes up. feels like gale after no wind for three days but only lasts one hour then no wind again. lots of shooting stars. 403 miles to go

Day 4

motoring again in no wind. sea bird (black noddy tern) lands on solar panel. just sits there and lets me pet and hold it. stays for hours. skwawks gets jealous and tries to push it off boat. 296 miles to go

Day 5

another windless day. motor dies unexpectedly. fuel lines clogged with algea even though just changed filter two days prior. i flush system, treat fuel, change filter. luckily she fires back up. 206 miles to go.

Day 6

dolphins play at bow. ben jumps in using drag board to swim with them. equatorial current pushes us off corse (1.5 knots against us). still no wind but now 4 foot swell causing boat to rock violently. 123 miles to go

Day 7

Skwawks makes first flight across cockpit. swell now 6 feet on beam (must be good surfin in the philipines) and light winds on the nose. current against us increases to 2+ knots. even with engine on entire time we make only 62 miles in 24 hours. 61 miles to go.

Day 8

rain squall hits at night we now have over 20 knots from behind. We leave contrary current and now catch one in our favor. When the sun rises we see land. We crank music and celebrate.

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