06 July 2010 | Auburn, WA
21 June 2010 | Tijuana
06 June 2010 | Auburn, Washington
07 May 2010 | On the Sea of Cortez
05 May 2010 | On the Sea of Cortez
22 April 2010 | 23 16.1472'N:106 27.9054'W, Mazatlan
06 April 2010 | 23 16.1472'N:106 27.9054'W, Mazatlan
27 March 2010 | Nuevo Vallarta
12 March 2010 | 19 11.9'N:104 43.1'W, Mexican Gold Coast
17 February 2010 | 17 38.1'N:101 33.3'W, Zihuatenejo
06 February 2010 | Puerto Vallarta
23 January 2010 | La Crux
14 January 2010 | La Crux
05 January 2010 | 21 50.532'N:105 52.915'W, Isla Isabela
01 January 2010 | Mazatlan
13 December 2009 | La Paz
26 November 2009 | 24 33.5'N:110 23.9'W, Ensenada Grande on Isla Partida
21 November 2009 | La Paz
10 November 2009 | Leaving Cabo san Lucas

We survived the Baja Ha Ha

09 November 2009 | 22 53.5'N:109 53.7'W, Bahia Santa Maria and Cabo San Lucas
Well after Bahia Tortugas, our next stop was Bahia Santa Maria near Magdelena Bay. It was a two day sail and the first day was fabulous sailing with 18 knot winds and calm seas. The second day was rolly and swirly with moderate to light winds. Since we are not 'purists', we turn the motor on if we are not going at least 4 we did a lot of motoring on the next stretch.

Bahia Santa Maria was an absolute exquisite place. It was definitely postcard pretty with beautiful mountains that were green (thanks to the recent hurricane that came through) and the white beach went on for miles. It is completely undeveloped. We were told of a small town but honestly to me it looked like a few shanties for part-time residents that used the place during fishing season. There was no fuel, no store.nothing.which is what made it so magical!! A few other highlights included a mangrove swamp that emptied into the bay. We had a dinghy adventure and went up the river and saw lots of birds, crabs and fish. Where the river emptied into the bay there was a lot of current , which was also fun for the kids to body surf through.

Jordan and Marcus have met some of the other Baja Ha Ha kids so they've enjoyed exploring the beaches with them.

We stayed at Bahia Santa Maria for two nights and then set off for Cabo San Lucas, the final destination of the Baja Ha Ha. It was about a 29 hour trip that was uneventful.although we did have two exciting fishing stories. The first one was that we had a yellowfin tuna on the line and we saw a (small) shark come up from behind and eat up 2/3 of the tuna right off our line!! When we pulled the remains up, it was still 1.5 feet long so we were sort of glad we didn't catch such a big fish.he wouldn't have fit in our bar sized fridge!! In any event, we were able to have lunch with what was left and it was delicious!!! In fact, it was so good, we put out our lines again for another try. This time, just before dusk, we caught a 42 inch dorado!! That took a bit of work to clean and fillet and was also very delicious.

We were very happy to arrive as the strain of the last 10 days had taken its toll. We were pretty exhausted. Cabo is definitely beautiful and we can understand why so many people travel here to vacation. The rock formations at the mouth of the bay are stunning and we've had fun swimming, snorkeling and socializing at the rest of the Baja Ha Ha beach parties. This has been the first time the kids have tried snorkeling and both got a kick out of swimming among schools of fish off Pelican Beach.

We are off to La Paz tomorrow and expect to arrive by Friday.adios..Mel
Vessel Name: Journey
Vessel Make/Model: Benetean Evasion 37
Hailing Port: Tacoma
Crew: Craig, Melanie, Jordan & Marcus
About: We're a family of four who enjoy our adventure through life together.
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