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03 June 2019
03 May 2019 | Charleston, SC
01 May 2019 | Brunswick, Ga
27 March 2019 | Palm Coast, Fl
11 February 2019 | South of the Tropic of Cancer
26 January 2019 | Red Shanks
12 January 2019 | Georgetown, Great Exuma Island
07 January 2019 | Exuma
30 December 2018 | Black Point Settlement, Exuma
25 December 2018 | Big Majors Spot
21 December 2018 | Nassau, Bahamas
15 December 2018 | No Name Harbor, ICW Mile 1096
01 December 2018 | Anchored in Hope Sound, Fl
23 November 2018 | Vero Beach, Fl
23 November 2018 | Vero Beach
04 November 2018 | Brunswick, Ga
28 October 2018 | Minum Creek, SC
21 October 2018 | MCAS Cherry Point, NC
14 October 2018 | Somewhere Between Deep Creek, Va and South Mills, NC.
07 October 2018 | Jasper, Ga

Christmas in the Bahamas

25 December 2018 | Big Majors Spot
Greetings & Merry Christmas to all,

On Sunday we left Nassau headed for Norman’s Cay. Along the way we crossed the Yellow Banks, a 5 mile patch of large coral heads. With Wendy on the bow reading the water looking especially for very dark spots, about the size of a VW Bus, in the waters ahead. Not hard to see with calm water and the sun behind you, but today we had neither. When spotted, Jeff steered around the coral our Standard Horizon chart plotter keeping track of depth & course. This truly is a Team Sport!

We anchored outside of the new Mega marina at Norman’s Cay. Disappointed when we saw the wonderful sandy anchorage we remembered from our last visit, was now in the middle of a new channel, we were at least treated to the spectacular sunset, pictured.

Christmas Eve, we moved on and anchored, along with several other boats all hiding in the lee of Big Majors Spot. We will stay here, hiding from very strong easterly trade winds (20+ knots) and stronger rain squalls.

Big Majors has not only one but two big claims to fame. The first, which we hope to see this trip, is Thunderbolt Grotto. This is an underwater swim though only accessible during slack tide. It was used in the filming of the 007 movie, Thunderbolt, it is supposed to be spectacular.

The second is a spot known as “Pig Beach”. Pigs living on Big Majors, in a variety of sizes, will swim out to great boats & dinghies in hope of a handout. Care must be taken as they will sometime become aggressive even to the point of trying to climb into a small dinghy. Boat loads of tourists come from as far away as Nassau to get a look at the swimming pigs.

We will most likely be here for several days waiting for the weather to clear and the winds to shift. Then we can continue towards Georgetown and then Long Island.
We are still carrying, for delivery to Long Island, the 150 pounds of school supplies collected by the Hancock Yacht Club, three years ago. Where we go from there, only the wind knows.

We hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Day and that you continue to have happiness in the New Year!

Fair Winds & Quiet Anchorages,
Jeff & Wendy
Vessel Name: Calypso
Vessel Make/Model: Westsail 32
Hailing Port: Clearwater, Fla
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