Adventures of Calypso

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05 December 2010 | Double Breasted Cays
Sunny, west 20
After a delightful 25 mile run with 20 knots on the quarter we arrived at Double Breasted Cays. Several people had recommended it and the guide book positively raved. We pulled into the tiny slot between the Cay and a sand bank, and spent the better part of the afternoon experimenting with a Bahamian moor, a first for us in thirty five years of cruising. When the wind opposes the current, it is nigh well impossible to get two anchors set 180 degrees apart and on short enough scope to keep us off the bank, unless of course you have a bow thruster or a spade rudder that backs well in reverse. We spent most of the night nudged up against one side of the bank. At high tide in the morning we went around to the other side next to picturesque Sandy Cay. Slighty more exposed but plenty of room to swing on one anchor despite the current that sluices back and forth at several knots. The north wind is honking at 20-25 knots, a little spooky in the pitch black night just 50 yards from boat eating cays. Add to that, I seemed to have picked up Rick's cold but it seems more like flu. Alternating sweats and chills, achy. This is not what we had in mind for our first couple nights in the Out Islands.
Vessel Name: Calypso
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 50 ketch
Hailing Port: New Castle, NH
Crew: Jonathan and Christine

Who: Jonathan and Christine
Port: New Castle, NH