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24 July 2012
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Head case

15 December 2010 | Great Guana Cay
Sunny, NW 15
No one else is moving, but I don't see any reason not to proceed through the Whale passage and begin exploring the central/south Abacos. The guidebooks have multiple waypoints and warnings for this passage. I don't remember doing it back in the day but certainly we didn't have all these gizmos, just a depth sounder, a compass and a watch.
Of course, the episode with the Catalina is fresh on the mind. But we got up and went, no problem, mon. There were big rollers, but hey, that's sailing in the ocean. In Guana Cay now, hoping for a dive tomorrow.

Follow up to the prior post. The crew are recovering from the emotional trauma and amazingly the boat is fine. I was there when she was hauled, and we were gape mouthed that there was so little damage. The aft end of the lead keel was a little bent, the aft end of the rudder was a bit ground, and there was a little chafe where she had been lying on the side. Of course the keel bolts should be checked and she needs a new bow pulpit and some stanchions. But all things considered, very lucky. We had young Simon for dinner and he and Alex went out to the pub afterward.
Vessel Name: Calypso
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 50 ketch
Hailing Port: New Castle, NH
Crew: Jonathan and Christine

Who: Jonathan and Christine
Port: New Castle, NH