Adventures of Calypso

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24 July 2012
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A bit of a Disney spectacle

05 January 2011 | Allen's Cay
The VHF was abuzz this morning with boats inquiring of each other their plans for the next Norther scheduled for tomorrow night. We lucked out and got a spot at Highbourne Cay Marina. Several goals in mind: connect to the Internet so we can be in touch with Christine's parents, be able to visit Highbourne which is now private and only accessible to marina visitors, get our weekly top up for the batteries, and of course be snug in the blow.

But today is another beautiful day with light south wind so we can visit Allen's Cay. Allen's (really Leaf Cay) is home to a gang (probably several hundred) of endangered rock iguanas. They have become so habituated to human visitors, some of whom feed them, that they scurry out of the underbrush at the sound of approaching engines. All day long they zoom out with each new crop of visitors. Poor things barely have time to rest between shows.
Allen's is the first stop for many new sailors to the Bahamas after clearing customs in Nassau or wherever. Several have arrived and are joyously donning their snorkel gear and launching their dinghies to paddle about in this gorgeous water. We feel like old hands having been here six weeks.
Vessel Name: Calypso
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 50 ketch
Hailing Port: New Castle, NH
Crew: Jonathan and Christine

Who: Jonathan and Christine
Port: New Castle, NH