Adventures of Calypso

21 January 2011 | Compass Cay Marina
19 January 2011 | O'Brien Cay
18 January 2011
18 January 2011 | Chicken Cay
15 January 2011 | Staniel Cay
14 January 2011 | Big Majors Spot
14 January 2011 | Big Majors Spot
13 January 2011 | Warderick Wells
12 January 2011 | Hawksbill Cay
11 January 2011 | Shroud Cay
10 January 2011 | Shroud Cay
09 January 2011 | Warderick Wells
08 January 2011
08 January 2011 | Warderick Wells
07 January 2011 | Normans Cay
06 January 2011 | Highbourne Cay Marina
05 January 2011 | Allen's Cay
04 January 2011
04 January 2011
04 January 2011 | Ship Channel Cay

Ne Plus Ultra

06 August 2013 | Somesville, Mt. Desert
Somesville. A Hinckley Bermuda 40 in the glow of the sunset. Name is Ne Plus Ultra. That about sums it up for the moment.

Still Life

04 August 2013 | Eggemoggin Reach
Flat calm
After a few minutes of a downwind start with all the chutes up, the wind went flat. With sails hanging like bedsheets, everyone spent an hour just being carried out by the ebb tide until the afternoon sea breeze filled in.

Scurrying about

03 August 2013 | Benjamin River
Foggy, rainy
We sailed through the Eggemoggin Reach to the Benjamin River to be close to the start of the race today. All the owners of the local classic wood boats were busy prepping their boats. This boat was (re) launched for the first time yesterday. As I was chatting with the fellas from the local boatyard who just finished rebuilding this 1925 beauty, they said in jest "if it wasn't for the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, we never finish anything." Yes, always time for one more coat of perfect varnish.

Moon and stars

02 August 2013 | Castine
This was hull #1 of the Concordias

Some sweet....

01 August 2013 | Castine
My oh my. Some two dozen of the most beautiful wood boats ever built, the Concordias, assembled in Castine for the beginning of three days of classic yacht racing. The rules say you must tow a dinghy and "protests will not be heard." My kind of racing.


20 July 2013 | Pulpit Harbor
The big cold front sweeping away the heat wave brought some impressive thunderstorms which passed on either side of us. The sky cleared. Rainbows all around. Yet another stunning sunset over the blue hills of Camden.
Vessel Name: Calypso
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 50 ketch
Hailing Port: New Castle, NH
Crew: Jonathan and Christine

Who: Jonathan and Christine
Port: New Castle, NH