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04 August 2012 | Miami, Florida

Blessings of the Sea

04 August 2012 | Miami, Florida
Captain Bill
My blogging frequency has been varied, sort of like the chances of spotting bottle-nose dolphins while sailing on Biscayne Bay. Sometimes we sail for days and never see these beautiful creatures. Other times they are everywhere.

These mammals are warm-blooded, have lungs that breathe air, give birth to their young and nurse them. They have large brains, live in complex societies, help one another, and learn from experience. I haven't met anyone who is not thrilled seeing dolphins in the wild. They are considered to be a good omen, a blessing, as far back as ancient times.

The other day, while on a sailing charter with a business man from Brazil who travels through Miami often, we were amazed at a large pod swimming right off the bow of Dream Catcher. They played with my bow wake for a few moments and to our amazement, two dolphins, in total synchronization, took a 4 foot leap out of the water. Sea-World couldn't have done better. We couldn't ask for a better good luck omen.

Hopefully the dolphins and I will return to beautiful Biscayne Bay and this blog on regularly scheduled sailings.

Please visit me on facebook and watch for videos of sailing the wonderful waters of Miami and the Florida keys on a future you-tube channel coming soon.

Until then, fair winds and be of good heel.
Capt. Bill
Vessel Name: Dream Catcher
Vessel Make/Model: 40' Beneteau Sailboat
Hailing Port: Miami, Florida
Crew: Captain Bill and Judy
Capt. Bill has been sailing, and sharing his joy and experience of sailing, for many years. He loves to bring the wonderful world of the sea to others. Share with him all the magic and serenity the sea has to offer. [...]
Extra: People are thrilled the moment the sails go up. Like magic, the world is transformed. This is why people charter a sailboat. Peace and tranquility are enjoyed by all. It's your charter. It's yours to decide how you want to enjoy it.
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Who: Captain Bill and Judy
Port: Miami, Florida