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"The Weather is Here, Wish you were Beautiful"

31 March 2015
Monday March 16
We bid farewell to Nemo. It felt strange to be all alone. This is the first time we have been without any of our friends since our departure in October. Carl and I looked at each other as Nemo turned the corner to leave the marina and said "it's just you and me kid". I headed off to do laundry and Carl worked on fishing tackle. After lunch he threw a line in. After catching a small fish, he lured me in to fish. I took the pole and immediately decided I needed a chair and a beer. Now I was fishing! I only caught a few little fish that I threw back, but it was fun. After dinner we walked to the tiki hut for an iced tea and sat to enjoy the music a while. The moon is waining and soon it will be a new moon.
Hurricaine Hole
This morning we got an early start. The winds have calmed down some so we decided to take the dinghy out to explore. We headed out of the marina and across the flats to the ocean. We passed two boats that had run aground and had been abandoned. The water is only a few feet deep here. We rode by the mangroves and up the channel. Forty five minutes later we were entering Hurricaine Hole. This very small opening is deep enough for small fishing boats, but only wide enough for one boat at a time. There were people on kayaks and paddle boards coming out of the hole. We saw a horseshoe crab, lots of fish and an iguana. The narrow entry opened up to a lagoon that is the hole. We tied up at the dock and had lunch. As we've done with the key lime pie, we've also tried a few cuban mix sandwiches. I think this was the best! Hurricaine Hole has a marina for fishing charter boats and kayak , board and jet ski rentals. Just as the name implies, hurricaine holes such as this were, and I suppose still are, safe places to store a boat in a hurricaine. There were lots of pelicans waiting for boats to come back with their catch. The Florida black birds with orange tipped wings, were very vocal about wanting us to share our lunch with them. After we returned to the boat, we spent the afternoon cooling off in the air conditioning in the salon. Later we walked up to the captains lounge to watch a little news. Then we sat on the back deck to watch the boats, work boats, sailing and fishing charters,come in. We were joined by a couple from Louisiana. They are on a trawler and have been here since October. They are headed home in two weeks. We shared our favorite things to do and places to eat.
Exploring at night with the flashlight again. Since the winds have calmed down the water is clearer and we saw 4 large spiney lobsters, a barracuda, a long-spined sea urchin,an octopus and fire coral.
Boca Chita Key
The best day yet for exploring on the water was our trip to Boca Chita. There was a group of jet skis and two fishing boats there when we arrived. The winds were calm, the seas flat and the water was so clear. Someone found a large Bahamian starfish and everyone took turns taking pictures. A couple of baby hammerhead sharks swam in with two kayaks. The sharks ended up hanging around for an hour or so, coming and going across the sandbar. I cleaned the bottom of the dinghy and the prop. I enjoyed floating around but there weren't many shells or fish to see here on the white sand bottom. Everything was hiding off of the sandbar in the grasses. Carl steered the dinghy across the very shallow flats on our way back. He had to tilt the motor up a few times because it was so shallow. Here we saw a nurse shark, a sea turtle and a beautiful spotted ray. I also spotted two more large starfish and saw lots of different types of coral.
Night Life
We decided to take the 7p.m. shuttle into old town to check out the nightlife. We walked to Mallory Square and got there just in time for the sunset. There were some clouds on the horizon, but it was still beautiful. The street performers were entertaining everyone. We walked to Sunset Pier and enjoyed a rum punch and the music on the dock. Then we walked along Duval Street. Key West is much "seedier" after dark. The bars were packed and the law enforcement was visible. We enjoyed an ice cream cone as we continued to "people watch". I bought Carl a Panama Jack hat, very debonair! I told him he should enter the Ernset Hemmingway look a like contest. We were back at the marina a little before 11p.m. A late night for us!
Animal Farm
Don and Judy told us not to miss the animal farm. It was yet another beautiful day, so we rode our bikes. This farm was started as an animal shelter by a sherriff. It is located in the open area under the jail. The inmates help take care of the animals. It is open to the public every other Sunday afternoon for two hours. Since this was the last Sunday that it would be open before Easter, they were having an Easter egg hunt. There must have been a hundred people! The children were busy with all of the activities set up for them and we just enjoyed watching them with the animal. It was really quite an impressive collection. Many of the animals had been rescued or dropped off. There were a couple of alligators, iguanas, turtles, parrots and other birds. The parrot that Carl was talking to in the video, kept saying "I love you". I think that may have been a courtship dance she was doing. There were peacocks, alpacas, horses, rabbits and an enormous albino python. This was a nice diversion and we enjoyed the day.
Vessel Name: Bay Breezin'
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: urbanna va
Crew: melissa swenson
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