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Christmas in Treasure Cay

26 December 2015
December 22
Today was laundry day. I can easily carry two loads in the rolling cart. There are no machines available. The happy island lady who owns the laundromat says "you leave your laundry and I will do it for you". For the same price as doing it myself,$4 wash,$4 dry plus a tip, she will do it for me. We agree that I should return in two hours. Nice, I have enough time to go to the pool! The wifi is a little better by the pool. My daughter, Holly, sends me a message. She sees me at the pool. What? Turns out there's a webcam here at the pool and she found it just as I walked by. A little creepy, but also cool (her words). I still have time to fix lunch for Carl. Then I'm off to pick up the laundry. Back at the boat I put the nicely folded laundry away. Even my underwear is folded! Then I trimmed Carl's beard out on the dock. He was beginning to look a little like Santa. As the sun went down, we turned on our Christmas lights in the cockpit and put Kenny Chesney Christmas music on the stereo. I made shrimp and grits for dinner with the last of the shrimp from Bath.
December 23
It's another beautiful day. Carl makes one of my favorite breakfasts,chipped beef on toast or as my Dad, being a navy man called it, S.O.S. The day time temperatures are in the low 80's. Our neighbors moved to a mooring yesterday. They were a cute couple from Colorado with 5 year old twins, a boy and a girl. They are leaving the boat here to have Christmas with grandparents in a condo. We were on the beach for our walk by 9 a.m. The resort staff is cleaning the beach with a rake. I collected a few small shells and then I found a starfish and a sea urchin almost next to each other, caught up in the seaweed from the high tide. A power boat is pulling a skier. There are very few people on the beach yet. We return to the boat to do a few house keeping chores before lunch. Carl took his bike to the rental place to see about a repair. A few clouds have moved in and we have some sprinkles, but they don't last long. We have rosemary bread that I made in the crockpot with a salad for dinner and watched a movie on Showtime.
Christmas Eve
I spent the morning "baking". I put chicken and potatoes in the crockpot for dinner. It only seems right to make a few Christmas cookies. I made "no bake" haystacks with peanut butter and butterscotch chips. That, along with some fudge and a pecan log that we got in St. Augustine, is more than enough sweets. I spent the afternoon by the pool. Carl had fun catching up with some family and friends on facetime. The wifi can be sporadic, but the booster is working well, today. Carl joined me at the pool for a while and on our walk back to the boat, I collected a bouquet of flowers to brighten the salon. We ate an early dinner and then walked to the Treasure Cay Community Church for the Christmas Eve service. We received a candle at the door. The building was small and the chapel room seated about a hundred people. There was definitely a sence of community there. I could tell by the conversations around us that most of the people were "regulars". After exchanging "Merry Christmas" I asked the couple next to us if they lived here or were just visiting. She explained that her father had built a house here in the 80's and now she and her husband had retired and moved here in 2009. Their children are spread all over the U.S. and she explained that it's just easier for the children to come to the island to visit when they can. She said that they only had 20 people at church last Sunday. By the time this service started it was standing room only! It was a very moving service for me. We sang familiar songs from a hymnal in between scripture readings. There was also a beautiful mixture of songs sung by island locals, accompanied by piano and guitar. The minister gave a meaningful sermon. At the end we sang Silent Night as we lit the candles and walked outside. A memorable Christmas Eve.
We were up by our usual 7a.m. Santa brought me a pandora dolphin charm for my bracelet! What a nice surprise. A perfect reminder of our adventures. Breakfast was a joint effort. I started with coffee, bacon and biscuits. Carl finished up with eggs and hash browned potatoes. We had heard that Santa would arrive poolside at 9 a.m. We found a seat by the pool to watch as crowds of people arrived. At just a little after 9, Island Santa arrived by boat with a sack of gifts. There must have been at least 200 children. This time there was a mixture of island locals and tourists. Santa handed out stockings to every child that sat in his lap. I was afraid that he would run out but there was plenty. I watched as some of the children emptied their stockings. They were full of candy canes, a chocolate santa, a stuffed monkey, a jump rope, a game of checkers, crayons, glow in the dark bracelets, a knit hat and sunglasses. The children seemed thrilled with their gifts. It took nearly an hour to come to the end of the line and then Santa waved goodbye and left in his boat. His boat came back to our dock. It was a fishing boat that we saw leaving this morning. Had no idea that he was picking up Santa! After lunch, Carl put the dinghy in the water and we took an afternoon cruise. Later we rode our bikes to the beach for a while before dinner. We have reservations at Spinakers for the Christmas dinner buffet. The chef has created a spectacular gingerbread house complete with a working fountain in front. The food was wonderful, prime rib,turkey,shrimp,grouper,soup,salads, sides and a dessert table. There was entertainment too. A man who sang a little something for everyone. The mood was light and happy and some, even children, danced. The full moon was beautiful over the palm trees as we walked "home". I will always remember our Christmas in Treasure Cay.
Vessel Name: Bay Breezin'
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: urbanna va
Crew: melissa swenson
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