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Great Guana Cay

23 February 2016
We've spent a couple of days touring Treasure Cay with Don and Judy. We took the Jackson bike tour. Went shell seeking in some of our favorite spots. We had a sundowner on Bay Breezin' with Debra , Bob, Wolfgang, his wife and their visiting friend. It was a lively crowd. We took our dinghies out to see the nearby canals and over to what we now call "treasure island". I wasn't too excited about this stop because the last time we were here there was nothing but coral rock and I didn't have on the right shoes to explore! This time it was low tide and with the right shoes we could climb onto the island. Judy and I found sea urchins, sea biscuits and more shells. There is a reef-like environment around the island that was uncovered at low tide. We discovered a few creatures that we haven't seen before. Later that day we spent some time in the hot tub where we discussed a trip to Guana Cay. By the time we finished dinner and returned to the boats, it was decided that we would leave at 9 a.m. the next day.
Sunday February 21
It was overcast as predicted. It takes a while to get things ready to leave after getting comfortable on a dock for two months! I am excited about sailing away. We throw of our lines and cruise out of the marina at 9 a.m with Nemo behind us. The wind predictions are for 10-15 out of the East. Winds are at 10 knots as we exit the channel. We are hoping for more, as Bay Breezin' really likes at least 20. We unfurl the sails and turn off the engine. We enjoy a short sail. The wind never developes and we decide to motor the rest of the way. It is roughly 8 miles across the Sea of Abaco, from Treasure to Guana. We motor into Settlement Bay first. There are 8 or 9 moorings here and four look available. Nemo is first in and discovers after trying to approach two moorings that it is too shallow for comfort. We leave Settlement and head around to Fishers Bay. As we are leaving I noticed four catamarans coming in that seem to be headed the same way. I radio Don to put the petal to the metal behind us so we can both stay ahead of them. Dive Guana has about the same number of mooring balls in Fishers Bay and it is first come, first served. There are quite a few boats anchored here also. Looks like about four balls left. We take one, Nemo takes one and then two of the cats take the remaining balls. The others anchor and as the day goes on, many more boats come in to anchor. It is 12:30 and we don't waste any time lowering the dinks into the water. We motor to the beach at Grabbers bar and grill. We leave our dinks with their small anchors trailing up the beach following suit of the others before us. We walk through Grabbers and look at a menu. Then we decide to move on to Nippers. It is a little hike through the "village" of houses, bars and golf cart sized roads. Nippers will send a cart to pick you up, the "Nippermobile", but we like the exercise. Nippers was packed. We climbed up to the third level where the view was amazing. After taking some pictures, Judy and I went to the lower level and then down three flights of stairs to the beach. We just have to get our feet wet. The water is colder than it was when we left Treasure Cay. There are a few people snorkeling out on the reef and the waves are crashing over the huge rocks. After climbing back to the top deck, we see some of our dock mates from Treasure Cay who have come for the day. Don and I walk back down the two flights of stairs to get a Kalik and order burgers and grilled Mahi Mahi sandwiches. On the way back to the dinks, we cut through a neighborhood and visited a cemetery. We were back on the boats by 3:30. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset while having dinner in Nemo's cockpit. We have decided to sail to Man-O-War Cay tomorrow.
Vessel Name: Bay Breezin'
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: urbanna va
Crew: melissa swenson
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