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More Adventures With Nemo

02 March 2016
After returning from our "cruise", we continued our adventures on Treasure Cay. We were lucky that the high winds that were predicted, changed direction and missed us. We rented a golf cart for a day. The men used it to go to the fuel station to fill cans. Then they took Judy and I to Treasure Sands for lunch. After we ate, we walked on the beach and found some more shells for our collections. Then we sat by the pool. Carl ordered pina coladas. The sun felt good. There was a group of people celebrating a 6o something birthday. The men were drinking beer and the ladies, chocolate martinis. They apologized in advance for their behavior, saying that they did this every year. They were having such a good time. The ladies ended up taking off their clothes and getting in the pool in their underwear! It was entertaining. On the way back, we took a drive around a new developement with a private marina.
Another day we took the dinghies out for a spin. We rode across the water at the harbor entrance and discovered a beach full of old conch shells. We collected a few. We also found more sea urchins, sea biscuits, brightly colored pink and purple shells and Carl found a huge sea sponge. We loaded up our treasures and skirted around the bay over the shallow flats. We saw big rays, sea turtles and a barracuda in the clear waters over sandy, grassy and coral reefed bottoms.
Monday, February 29
With a stretch of good weather ahead, we planned a trip to Marsh Harbour. We left the marina at 10 a.m. We anchored at Archer Cay at 12:45. It was a pretty day, but the water was still a little chilly. With my wetsuit and a long sleeved rash guard I took the plunge. As the water seeped into my suit and warmed to my body temperature I became more comfortable. Judy and I swam from our boats to the outcroppings of rocks near the shoreline. There were lots of reef fish. A small grouper, sergeant majors and butterfly fish are just a few that I could identify. We saw starfish and sea biscuits and Judy pointed out a basket star on the bottom. Judy was on the lookout for spiney lobsters, or crawfish as they are called in the Bahamas. But where I come from these would be monster crawfish! Carl and Don brought the dinks out to pick us up. Getting into a dink from the water is little tricky. Probably pretty comical looking too! We went into the beach to look around. Judy headed back out to the water and there, on a ledge, she found a bunch of lobsters. Don went out to help her and together they caught three nice ones. We stayed on the hook overnight. I cooked burgers and potatoes and Judy cooked the lobsters. Surf and turf! It was delicious!
Tuesday, March 1
We had the anchors up by 9:15 a.m. Our destination today is Marsh Harbour, with a stop at Mermaid Reef. The sun is out and the sea is flat. Seemingly perfect for snorkeling. Then the winds picked up and more clouds rolled in. The winds are on our nose so we must motor to the reef. We anchored at Mermaid Reef at 11:30. There are two boats anchored ahead of us. Don and Judy go ahead of us to check out the dinghy moorings. Soon they return with word that not only is the water too rough, but there is gasoline on the surface. We decided not to go in the water this time. We ate lunch listening to the roosters crow and waited for high tide to go into Marsh Harbour. The reef is just outside of the harbour so we are in the anchorage and anchored by 1:30 p.m. By 2 p.m. we are ready to go to shore. We left the dinghies at the dock at the Jib Room and walked up the street to find the public beach access. We could swim to the reef from here, so we may try tomorrow. Then we walked back to the Jib Room for a drink. Afterwards we retired to our boats for a quiet evening and leftovers.
Wednesday, March 2
We watched the ferries (four of them) come in last night and go out again this morning . They were all full with standing room only. We drank our coffee in the cockpit while listening to the cruisers net. Judy paddled over in her kayak with some freshly baked english muffins. What a treat! Don is working on his dinghy motor this morning. We moved our boats to Mangoes marina this afternoon. It is a cute little marina with just one dock between two other marinas. It has nice bathrooms, laundry and a cute little pool. After we checked out the facilities, Judy and Don walked to the liquor store and Carl and I went for ice cream. It was about two o'clock when we decided to try snorkeling at Mermaid reef again. Don took Judy and I out in the dinghy. It was a great little reef with lots of neon colored fish. The fish are used to people feeding them and came right up to us. I'm so glad we went back. I thouroughly enjoyed that. A hot shower felt good when we returned. Don and Judy brought pina coladas over. I had bbq chicken ready in the crock pot and cooked some peas and rice to go with it. After dinner we played one more game of mexican train. We will be staying one more night here and then sail back to Treasure Cay on Friday. Judy is catching a flight home tomorrow to visit family. We hope she will be able to return in April. I can not believe it is March already. We are looking forward to seeing Robert and Becky on Sea Quell when they come over the first of April. We will start looking at weather windows to cross the Gulf stream to Florida in mid April. Time seems to be flying by now.

Vessel Name: Bay Breezin'
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: urbanna va
Crew: melissa swenson
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