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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

25 May 2016
Low pressure systems keep moving through and stalling out. We have had some rain but, mainly have been waiting for the weather north of here to clear up. We've met 6 or 7 boats that are heading to Deltaville for the summer. We went to Scatori's for dinner again our last night at Osprey.
Monday 5-23-16
We left the dock at 7:50 a.m. The winds were light and the sun was out. We passed Callabash and were having a delightful day on the water. Then,we ran aground at the same spot that our buddy boat ran aground last year. Really?! Carl keeps reminding me that we said we needed a boat with a shallow draft. Right?! Oh well, that's why we have Towboat U.S. It was a soft grounding and they pulled us right off. Towboat membership has more than paid for itself this year! We only lost an hour. We were at South Harbour marina by 6p.m.
Tuesday May 24
We left the dock at South Harbour at 7:15 a.m. We were "really cruising" doing 6.5-8 knots all day. We crossed the Cape Fear River and were at Wrightsville Beach by 11:00. The Figure Eight bridge almost wouldn't open. We had to wait while the tender "tried again". We later heard it wouldn't open at all and they were waiting on a mechanic. Surf City only opens on the hour and we calculated that at our best speed we would miss the 2p.m. opening by just a few minutes. I called the bridge tender to ask if perhaps no one else was there if he might wait for us. He said "sorry captain, I have to stay on my schedule" So, we just slowed down to take our time until the 3:00 opening. We were still early as we approached the bridge at 2:30, so we turned around to kill some time. The bridge tender called us to say he had a commercial vessel that he was letting through early and if we could turn around and get back to the bridge quickly we could go through with them. We could and we did. I thanked him. It felt like a long day. We tied up to the dock at Swan Point marina at 4:30 p.m. with 60 more miles behind us. The marina owner, Evelyn, met us on the dock. She recommended Riverview Cafe for dinner. The restaurant owners son picked us up 10 minutes after I called. We enjoyed shrimp and flounder dinners overlooking the New River. The restaurant has their own shrimp boat. The homemade pies looked so good, we got two slices to go. One chocolate and one lemon, both with mile high meringue. After I took a sunset picture from the cockpit, we hurried inside to escape the no-see-ums. About 8:30p.m., Evelyn knocked on our boat. She was making her last rounds for the night and wanted to be sure that we were alright. She also brought us a loaf of her fresh, hot, cinnamon coffee cake. How nice! It smelled so good, we had to try a bite while it was hot.
Wednesday May 25
After 9p.m. last night the commercial boat traffic and the noise from helicopters flying over from Camp LeJeune died down. You could hear the live firing in the distance overnight. We were up at 6:30 a.m. and had a slice of coffee cake with our morning coffee. We never saw a swan at Swan Point but two Canada geese paddled by as we pulled away from the dock a few minutes before eight. There were shore birds quietly fishing the marsh. The sun was out, the winds light and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was a great day for motor sailing across Bogue Sound. The winds were 10-15 and the tide was with us all day. We only met one barge on the Adams canal. The winds picked up to 20 knots as we crossed the Neuse River. There were sailboats ready to start a regatta as we approached Oriental. We tied up at the newest town dock with two other boats at 5:30 p.m.. After another 60 mile day we needed to get off the boat and stretch our legs. We took a walk around town. The hydrangias are loaded with blooms and the smell of confederate jasmine is intoxicating. We took in the sun set from the cockpit.
Vessel Name: Bay Breezin'
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: urbanna va
Crew: melissa swenson
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