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You Know You're A Cruiser When......

06 November 2017

Somewhere between the rum and the liqueur it was decided that we would travel together to an ancorage that we have used before just this side of the Alligator River. The wind is supposed to change from east to north east. The winds were so calm last night. The water was like glass. This morning the wind was higher than predicted and it was decided that the anchorage would be too exposed to use in this wind. So, we are taking a lay day. Tomorrow we will make up the time by leaving earlier and cruising farther. We use the time today to do some boat chores. After emptying two cans of diesel into the tank, Carl discovered that one of the cans needs to be replaced, so off we go on foot to the nearest harware store. After finding a new can we are heading to the dollar store for bread, because Carl says you can never have to much bread. A woman parks her car in front of us and jumps out waving her arms. "You must be boaters!" she exclaimssky."Yes, how did you know?" I said laughing. She saw our empty can and assumed that we were searching for diesel and offered to take us. How nice. She tells us that she and her husband live in town and they are boaters too. We explaned that we just bought a new can and would get fuel at our next stop. We thanked her for stopping. After getting bread, we stop at the seafood store because I say you can never have too much seafood. After dinner we had Karen and Ron from Compromise over to play a game of Mexican Train. It is 10:30p.m. when we finished. The time is changing which gives us an extra hour, but we do have an early departure planned.
Vessel Name: Bay Breezin'
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: urbanna va
Crew: melissa swenson
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