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Sparky and The Blue Hole

25 March 2018
The month of March is flying by. Carl has been studying the weather already as we are thinking about our departure towards the end of the month. Friends from Richmond, Tom and Kristina, were in Marsh Harbour for a week. They decided to rent a car to come to Treasure for a day. It was the market and the annual yard sale day. After spending the morning going through the sales, Carl and I met them for lunch at Coco's. Another cold front had also arrived and it was super windy on the beach. We had fun catching up. After lunch they offered us a ride in their car over to the marina, but their car wouldn't start. Carl suggested that we walk to the boat to get our jumper cables. Tom couldn't believe that we had jumper cables! But, that is Carl, he is prepared for everything. We got the cables and returned to car. Carl connected the cables and touched them together. Spark! Not the battery! Tom called the car rental business and they told him to push the key in hard while turning. Started right up! Guess they get a call about that car all the time! Tom thanked Carl (aka Sparky) and they were on their way. We have been enjoying sundowners with friends.We invited our neighbor, Sidney, who owns a taxi here and has a yacht next to us, to join us for a drink one evening. We met Sidney two years ago and he is just like an old friend. He has a home on the golf course with his wife and they have four children. We've met his wife and his ten year old daughter who comes to check on the boat with Sidney after he picks her up from school. The other three are grown boys. The youngest, 25, is an olympic medalist. He still holds track records in the Bahamas and Texas A&M where he went to school. Sidney wears a huge gold trophy ring ( looks like a superbowl ring) that his son gave him. He has many of his trophies on his boat.
We enjoyed a day in Marsh Harbour with Sandra and Davido. We made an unscheduled trip to the dentist when Carl had a crown come off while eating breakfast. Fortunately, there was a dentist in at the third office I called and they were able to see him right away and recement the crown. We dropped Carl off at the dentist ( I did offer to hold his hand, but he said he was a big boy) and headed off to fill Utopia's propane tank. We stopped to look at fabrics for a blanket that Sandra wants to make for her grandson. She didn't find what she wanted but they had a good selection of jewelry findings, so I bought some wire and a few beads. We picked Carl up and went to Jamie's Place for lunch. After our bellies were full of fried chicken and fried plantains, hamburgers and fried plantains, and chicken wraps and fried plantains, we headed to Jimmy's liquor store. I was looking for a red wine that was served at the winter residents party. They only had a few bottles left. We picked up a few and some other libations and then headed to Price Right and Maxwell's for groceries. Price Right is a miniature version of Cosco without having a membership. Maxwell's is like shopping at Publix. We had two grocery carts full! We somehow managed to fit it all in the back of our little Honda. We opted for the "large" car for more leg room for Davido, but it is still a little car. After returning to the marina and off loading our groceries, we decided to venture out to find the blue hole. We had to drive a mile or so down a dirt road, past many shanties, to the blue hole. Here we saw how most Bahamians live. A pickup truck traveling in front of us, loaded down with men in the truck bed coming home from work, stopped to let them out. Their families were all standing out in the road waiting for them and lingering to visit with their neighbors. They all waved at us as we passed by. We didnt see another soul until our return trip, where they were still in the road and all the children waved again. We finally reached the blue hole in the middle of the pine forrest. It is about 50 feet across. There was a rope swing on one side. The locals swim in the crystal clear water. I dipped my hand in and the water was cold. There are underwater caves if you want to explore by diving. It was getting late, so we didn't stay long. Carl walked around to the other side to take a picture and all of a sudden started running saying that something was after him. Then he was quiet. We couldn't see him behind the brush. Then he called out that he had fallen. Davido was the first to reach him and helped him up. Nothing broken thank goodness! Just a few scrapes and bruises. He said he couldn't see what was chasing him, just could hear it rustling through the underbrush. We will never know what was chasing Sparky!

Vessel Name: Bay Breezin'
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: urbanna va
Crew: melissa swenson
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