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St. Augustine

14 April 2018
Tuesday 4/10
Our last day in Marineland was stormy all day with nearly five inches of rain. We heard reports that St. Augustine had hail. I took a walk on the beach after lunch. I was searching for sea glass. Another thunderstorm was approaching which ended my search as I hid under the boardwalk waiting for the worst to pass. I made my way quickly back to the boat. I made shrimp chowder for dinner and we had Kathy and Victor, S/V Chantebrise, over for a game of dominoes.
Wednesday 4/11
It was 8:30 a.m. when we untied the lines and left Marineland marina with S/V Chantebrise behind us. It was sunny, breezy and cool. The winds were still out of the north. On the ICW just north of the marina is the Matanzas inlet which is notorious for shoaling. It was two hours before low tide and we cruised past the inlet with no problems. We reached our destination, the south mooring field at St. Augustine municipal marina at 11:15 a.m. Once we had secured our mooring, I called for a reservation on the 12:00 shuttle. After we check in at the office, we stopped by S/V Monarch to see Grant and Diane. One dock was completely destroyed from the last hurricaine and the dock that Monarch is on has some damage as well. We all walked to the historic district and had lunch at the Florida Cracker. Diane and I couldn't stop going into shops to browse. The men were pretty patient with us, but we decided that we would return to do some serious shopping without them.
Thursday April 12
Diane needed to go to Publix so I tagged along. Carl and I took the shuttle in again and met them at their boat. Grant was installing a new alternator so Carl stayed to help while Diane and I took off. Since it was lunch time we decided to get something to eat first. We had sangria and shrimp tacos at Harry's. I looked two tables over and there was Grant and Carl! We waved and then hurried to catch our Uber ride to Publix. We managed to get our shopping done (I said I didn't really need anything, but ended up with a couple of bags of groceries) and returned just in time to catch the 4:00 shuttle back to the boat. The shuttle runs every two hours from 10-6. On our trip south, we were moored next to Carl's previous boat, Perceptions. Charles bought the boat a year ago from the guy that Carl sold it to. He lives in St. Augustine and keeps it on a mooring here. We have been following each other on facebook for a while. We invited Charles and Rachel to the boat for drinks. We really enjoyed meeting them and hearing about their story. It was sad to hear about how they both had sailboats that they lost in hurricaine Mathew. Both boats were on moorings here. Right after they bought Perceptions and moved her here, hurricaine Irma came through. Perceptions was on the hard having some repairs made. They asked to keep her out for the storm, but the boat yard already had other boats scheduled to be hauled for the storm and had to put her back in the water. She was tied up at the dock and made it through okay. They seem so happy to have found Perceptions and we are happy that Perceptions will be loved and cared for.
Friday 4/13
Carl and I took the dinghy in before 11a.m. As many times as we have been here, we have never taken the tour of Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in North America. I went in the fort many years ago on a trip with my parents. Carl took advantage of the Senior National park pass when we took Diane and Grant to Yorktown last summer. We were at the 17th century fort just in time for the firing of the cannons. Afterwards, we walked to Taberna del Caballo for lunch. We sat in the courtyard and split a cuban sandwich. I went into a few shops, while Carl sat outside, on our way back to meet Charles. Our starting battery, that we just bought 6 months ago, has a bad cell. Charles offered to exchange it for us. He met us in front of the marina. He is the proud owner of a new dinghy and he had it on a trailer behind his jeep. Nice! He also made a trip to West Marine and asked if we needed anything there. When do we not need anything from West Marine! He picked up some fabric waterproofer for us. Once again....I love the boating community. Everyone is so helpful! Thanks to Charles this time! We took our showers before returning to the boat. The wind had kicked up and we got "sprayed" all the way back. A salt shower after a fresh water shower is just great! I didn't bother to dry my hair, so it was still wet anyway. Boat hair.....don't care!
Vessel Name: Bay Breezin'
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: urbanna va
Crew: melissa swenson
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