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Capt Suz & Tybee Rowe sail the SOBX of North Carolina~

08 October 2023 | Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival, St. Michaels, MD
03 October 2023 | Cedar Point
20 June 2020 | Hammocks Beach State Park, NC
23 October 2019 | Peletier Creek, NC
19 July 2019 | Peletier Creek, NC
12 October 2018
08 October 2018 | Emerald Isle and Fort Macon, Bogue Banks, NC
08 October 2017 | Emerald Isle, NC
08 August 2017 | Bogue Inlet to Shackleford Banks, North Carolina's Crystal Coast
13 February 2017 | Sparrow
08 May 2016 | Beaufort, NC Maritime Museum Wooden Boat Show & Plein Air Competition
17 April 2016 | New River, Jacksonville, NC
04 September 2015 | MHC, NC
21 June 2015 | Crystal Coast - NC
21 April 2015 | New River, Jacksonville, NC
07 April 2015 | envoyage from MHC to Jacksonville, NC
20 August 2014 | Morehead City, North Carolina
30 May 2014 | Morehead City, NC
28 March 2014 | Russel's Boat Yard, MHC-NC


28 March 2014 | Russel's Boat Yard, MHC-NC
It has surely been a cold, wet, snowy, icey winter here in the Carolinas. We sailed down to Morehead City on a blustery New Year's Day with gloves, caps, mittens and layers to keep warm. Thankfully the partly cloudy day didn't dampen our spirits, what with a newlywed couple onboard, homemade pumpkin bread, homemade beef jerky and lively conversation, we clipped right along~

Having left after 9:30, we arrived into the Morehead City waterfront by mid-afternoon. Russel the Yard owner was waiting for us, guiding us into the 'lift' berth, surprised maybe to see we actually came through with our sail plan. We closed her up and felt assured that we left her in good hands, you see she was in desperate need of being hauled. She had a slow leak from the engine shaft bolts that at this point were dribbling and causing the bilge pump to run every few minutes. That was all fine until over the Christmas holiday while I was out of town, the automated bilge pump chip decided to die. Even with someone onboard to push the button every 10 minutes, she was gaining water weight, especially loaded with crew and the engine screw running full bore.

Russel could easily see what was in store for his winter project onboard SPARROW. Thankfully, he was exactly the right person to bring her to. He ended up having to totally excavate the entire prop shaft and replace everything with a dripless system. It took some time and a lot of extra change, but soon, SPARROW'S bottom was looking so much better and so many issues had been solved. This bilge pump was non accessible, due to being placed under the engine, so he devised a liftable shelf plate for the new pump. The engine itself had wore out it's foot pads and he extended the shaft to make room for replacing zinc collars now and then. I am ecstatic about the repairs and how he solved all the dilemmas....paying for it was a hard swallow~

Now we're just hoping for a warming trend, last night it was back in the 20's, but we are promised into the 70's for the weekend...but more rain. I am still searching for the right dock space for this season though, we will not be returning to our previous dock due to shoaling at low tide and strong currents causing limited access. The Nancy Lee Fishing Charter docks were convenient but were not working out for us. The docks were also in the process of being sold to the town for public park access and we didn't feel comfortable with SPARROW being open to public access 24-7 with no security. It was nice digs for a season~

Better things to come-
Vessel Name: IVORY BELLE _/)
Vessel Make/Model: Penobscot 17' gunter rig pulling boat
Hailing Port: Swansboro, NC, USA
Crew: Capt Suz & Tybee Rowe
About: Tybee Rowe is a newbie to the sailing scene, we're hoping he'll take to it. As for me, the seas in my veins & my tradition remains~
a lifetime of boats: 11' cat-rigged Penquin 16' Hobie catamaran DN Iceboat 26' Seafarer sloop 41' Corinthian trimaran (liveaboard) 23' San Juan sloop 23' Venture of Newport cutter 17' O'Day daysailor Native Watercraft Kayak 14' Hobie catamaran 14' Hilu proa Mistral Windsurfer 17' NC [...]
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