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Capt Suz & Tybee Rowe sail the SOBX of North Carolina~

08 October 2023 | Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival, St. Michaels, MD
03 October 2023 | Cedar Point
20 June 2020 | Hammocks Beach State Park, NC
23 October 2019 | Peletier Creek, NC
19 July 2019 | Peletier Creek, NC
12 October 2018
08 October 2018 | Emerald Isle and Fort Macon, Bogue Banks, NC
08 October 2017 | Emerald Isle, NC
08 August 2017 | Bogue Inlet to Shackleford Banks, North Carolina's Crystal Coast
13 February 2017 | Sparrow
08 May 2016 | Beaufort, NC Maritime Museum Wooden Boat Show & Plein Air Competition
17 April 2016 | New River, Jacksonville, NC
04 September 2015 | MHC, NC
21 June 2015 | Crystal Coast - NC
21 April 2015 | New River, Jacksonville, NC
07 April 2015 | envoyage from MHC to Jacksonville, NC
20 August 2014 | Morehead City, North Carolina
30 May 2014 | Morehead City, NC
28 March 2014 | Russel's Boat Yard, MHC-NC

Sound to the Sea ~ in memory

08 October 2018 | Emerald Isle and Fort Macon, Bogue Banks, NC
capt.suzan wallace | Overcast but warm
It was a day of remembrance. It was last year at the Sound-to-Sea plein air event that I lost him. Feeling helpless so many miles from home when he needed me. Thankful I was the last family voice he heard as the ambulance paramedic said they had to go~

That weekend I had set up under the bridge to Emerald Isle with my easel in about knee deep tide, in the marsh grass. As I focused my attention on the ICW passage under the bridge, I witnessed many 'snow-birds' on their way south. I kept thinking about how the ARIES would have come under that bridge back in 1983. It is an odd sensation to be in a place where something happened at a different time period. But the idea kept my attention all day as I painted that bridge over the ICW. Little did I know that later, it would be my last time to call Dad from out in the field~
So this year, I had to paint the images that recurred in my mind as subject drawing me in. The first would be a bird's eye view of the SPARROW from an observation deck. And the second would be sitting on the hill just off Fort Macon at Beaufort Inlet. Both places I visited felt exciting to me visually. I really enjoyed sitting on top of the hill at Fort Macon with my watercolors. I was able to tape out an elongated paper that would allow me to capture the extent of the inlet and Shackleford banks in the distance. I had the vision in my mind for some time and even purchased a special 'marine' frame that would fit perfectly. Had some visitors come by to see what I was painting as well~a

After a great day of plein air painting, something was still heavy on my heart! I was still struggling with my grief and I knew I needed to do something with it to remember him always. So I pulled out the Emerald Isle ICW bridge painting from last year and I painted into the scene, the ARIES under full sail coming through. It felt right to do so and so I asked special permission from the S-to-S host if it was okay to display the painting again this year with the addition.
I not only SOLD my Beaufort Inlet watercolor painting but I won one of the awards given by the hosts. I will always hang my remembrance in my home that is a constant reminder of so many things my parents were to me~
Vessel Name: IVORY BELLE _/)
Vessel Make/Model: Penobscot 17' gunter rig pulling boat
Hailing Port: Swansboro, NC, USA
Crew: Capt Suz & Tybee Rowe
About: Tybee Rowe is a newbie to the sailing scene, we're hoping he'll take to it. As for me, the seas in my veins & my tradition remains~
a lifetime of boats: 11' cat-rigged Penquin 16' Hobie catamaran DN Iceboat 26' Seafarer sloop 41' Corinthian trimaran (liveaboard) 23' San Juan sloop 23' Venture of Newport cutter 17' O'Day daysailor Native Watercraft Kayak 14' Hobie catamaran 14' Hilu proa Mistral Windsurfer 17' NC [...]
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