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26 October 2010 | Home Port
22 October 2010 | Home Port
21 October 2010 | Home Port

Log 3

26 October 2010 | Home Port
35 plus mph SSW
I always wanted to tell my Fog story to my fellow sailors. It's one of my favorites to tell. So now I'll post it and let you see how crazy I really am,,,,

In 2007 I made a 1 week sail up to lake Huron. Being in the lakes all my life I have known to make my self some times forget who runs the lakes and... well you watch the video...

Great lakes bulk carriers are very common in the lakes. The City of Detroit is the largest Tonnage of fresh water rivers in the world.

This was just a reminder of how to keep from being part of the food chain.

My Shark Sailboat and I got away with out fight. But looking at the picture you can see we had no chance.

Live your dreams, remember the night mares!!!!

Log 2

22 October 2010 | Home Port
36 Deg Light winds SW
October 22, I have come to the acceptance that Fall has squeezed the last of the juice out of Summer. The frost warning last night was over before it started. I don't see it but it's lurking in the corner.. I have as all seasonal boater have to do is make arrangements to pull the old girl our. I am fortunate enough to have a cradle to put my lady into. But its a brace around the bottom for her, she looses her freedom. Her dance and swing, Solid ground under her is no adventure but a imprisonment. Thrown in Iron's for six months. Southerners would see this and gasp at the thought. Knowing the water under them is still in liquid state, and warm against the hull.

Blasphemy, keeping a boat out of water. customs, and beliefs dictate that a A yacht is a recreational boat. The term originated from the Dutch Jacht meaning "hunt". It was originally defined as a light, fast sailing vessel used by the Dutch navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors around and into the shallow waters of the Low Countries.

So to put this hunter in irons for six months is a crime.
The only thing now as a landlubber for the next six months can do is watch Hockey and drink some hot coffee.. The pirates will have to wait till April.

Safe Journey, Always.

Log 1

21 October 2010 | Home Port
60 deg, light wind. SW
I guess I should start by who I am and my back ground. Leading into my sailing experience and current boat. Then I can support my current location and passage.

I'm just rounded the horn as to say and turned 42. My Home for the bulk of my life has been Windsor, Ontario, Canada. A Industrial city located 1 mile across from Detroit Michigan. My access to the great lakes has been from a young age and have sailed since the age of 7. Starting out on a Lazar Sailboat which is still in the family. Having a cottage on lake Erie East of Point Pelee I took well to boating. Our family then obtained a 18 foot Catamaran.

My real first traveling experience was at age 16 when I was sent to Kingston Ontario to crew on the Tall Ship St. Lawrence II. Experiencing Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Lake St Clair.

Over the years I crewed on friends boats. And in 1999 purchased a Shark 24. Sail Number 341. A very fast and comfortable sailboat I took on short trips across lakes St Clair and Lake Erie.
Vessel Name: Petit. bonheur
Vessel Make/Model: Mirage 26
Crew: Robbie
About: Live aboard Seasonal Canadian.


Who: Robbie