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26 October 2010 | Home Port
22 October 2010 | Home Port
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26 October 2010 | Home Port
35 plus mph SSW
I always wanted to tell my Fog story to my fellow sailors. It's one of my favorites to tell. So now I'll post it and let you see how crazy I really am,,,,

In 2007 I made a 1 week sail up to lake Huron. Being in the lakes all my life I have known to make my self some times forget who runs the lakes and... well you watch the video...

Great lakes bulk carriers are very common in the lakes. The City of Detroit is the largest Tonnage of fresh water rivers in the world.

This was just a reminder of how to keep from being part of the food chain.

My Shark Sailboat and I got away with out fight. But looking at the picture you can see we had no chance.

Live your dreams, remember the night mares!!!!
Vessel Name: Petit. bonheur
Vessel Make/Model: Mirage 26
Crew: Robbie
About: Live aboard Seasonal Canadian.
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Who: Robbie