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Hike up the hill

This morning we went for a hike up the hill to see what remains of an old fort. Glad we went early, because I am really 'out of shape'... Even Otis huffed & puffed. Although he was carried a lot of the way. Once up to the top the view was spectacular.

There were goats up there also. Doesn't even seem strange any more, since there is not one island we have visited that didn't have them. Goats & chickens are everywhere down through the islands. Not sure why, but there are lots of them. The chickens and roosters just run free through the streets of each and every little or big town.

Once back to the boat, I made homemade salsa and sourdough bread. Now, that I have my blog caught up, we might go snorkeling. Right behind us in the bay is an old shipwreck, so who knows, I might even find some old treasure...

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