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Bocas Del Toro

We arrived in Bocas Del Toro one week ago and so far, love it.
We are tied up at a slip in the Bocas Yacht Club & Marina. We actually have the a/c going and there is absolutely no rocking of the boat. Feels more like we are onshore rather than sitting in the water.

The marina has floating docks, nice restrooms with showers, a laundry service and daily 'Happy Hours' 4pm-9pm with $1 beer. There is a night time security guard who constantly walks the docks, shining his flashlight at each and every boat. The light frightens Otis, so we have had to make sure no light can enter the boat at night. I guess he thinks it is lightening. Poor, neurotic thing. The Cantina also has good food. Carl and his wife Iris put on a great BBQ last friday. I think that is a every friday thing, actually. Everyone here has been very helpful and friendly.

Town is an interesting place. There seems to be just about anything you might want or need, which is not what we had in our minds it would be like. So, that is a nice surprise.

The people are a mix of everything. You have your locals, then you have just about every imaginable nationality. Everyone is very laid back and relaxed.

The prices here are the most inexpensive prices we have found since leaving Texas. That, too is a very nice thing. Lots of restaurants and shops. Town is pretty clean, but does have its share of trash here and there.

Time and exploring will tell just how much we like it here...