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After meeting up with s/v Sora in Thailand this Feb, I spent a month in Bali looking for a boat, then another month in New Zealand searching, and finally found one in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Vessel Name: Saltery
Vessel Make/Model: Bayliner 40'
Hailing Port: Ketchikan, AK
Extra: For a little background info, check out
22 May 2009
27 February 2009
22 February 2009
06 February 2009
14 September 2008
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03 June 2010


Howdy again-

22 May 2009

Far Out

These days I'm a working on a 72' SWS Farr. Currently in the Yasawa group in Fiji.

27 February 2009

Big Buddah

One week into the trip and I never want it to end. It's mso hot here. Hot and sweaty and pungent. I love it. I am writing this from a deliciously air conditioned internet cafe, mind you, but will not be cranky when i go back outside to jump on my teal hello kitty scooter. We just finished breakfast...90 [...]

22 February 2009


Kinda of a last minute plan to meet up with the family in Thailand. Mandy and I flew into Bankok on Friday to meet up with mom and dad. We are back on Sora and planning on day sailing along the coast for the next week or so. Both Mandy and dad have got new cameras so the photo gallery will soon be [...]

And she's off!

14 September 2008
I've spent the past week on my own pace rocking around Bali and loving life. I get to do all those things that don't happen when you're hoofing around with others. I spent a few days in Legain Beach right next to the ever popular Kuta and Dreamland surfing headquarters. My time was evenly divided between running on the beach, hunting local food, and watching surfers and backpackers doing the mating dance. I feel like such a geezer scoffing at 'kids' flirting and cavorting about like gazelles. Yet I can't bring myself to join them....
So, with no small bit of urgency, I booked a shuttle to Ubud inland and have spent the past five days here busing myself with cool shit like trekking through the rice paddies, yoga-ing, learning about Balinese cooking, checking out the local underground market, and of course, watching the monkeys. There is a cafe that i frequent that serves lassies, which are basically just yoghurt, ice, and salt. Not only do they taste like yum they also rhyme with me. My body loves them. I dream about them and count down the minutes till it's appropriate for me to purchase another one. So..that's what I'm going to do right now. feels great having a clean pallet.

Cheers to not not knowing what the hells happens next!

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