Sailing the California Delta

Stories of a new sailor exploring the California Delta on his 1982 Catalina 25

08 October 2014 | Mandeville Cut, San Joaquin River
10 September 2014 | Isleton, Ca
08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
24 May 2011 | Owl Harbor, CA
24 April 2011 | ACYC Clubhouse 7 mile slough San Joaquin river
24 April 2011 | San Joaquin River, Ca
20 April 2011 | Sacramento, Ca
21 July 2009 | San Joaquin/California Delta
11 July 2009 | Sacramento
02 June 2009 | California Delta
20 May 2009 | California Delta
16 May 2009 | California Delta
12 April 2009 | San Joaquin River
08 April 2009 | Sacramento, Ca
06 April 2009 | Owl Harbor, Isleton, Ca
05 April 2009 | Owl Harbor, Isleton, California
16 March 2009 | Owl Harbor, Isleton Ca

July 4th at Madeville

08 October 2014 | Mandeville Cut, San Joaquin River
So after 2 1/2 years of having the Cheese on a trailer in my back yard I finished all of the mandatory repairs and upgrades to get her back into the water.
My goal was to have our boat in the water for July 4th this year, since we had missed 2 already. Unfortunately my wife tripped over our two standard poodles in the middle of the night and shattered her ankle in 3 places. After the surgery the Dr. said no boating for 2 months. My wife insisted that I still go to the Mandeville fireworks show with the other members of our Yacht Club.
So with just a few days to work before the Holiday weekend and with the help of some good friends I was able to trailer the boat down to Korths Pirate Lair, a marina on the Delta Loop near where we are now keeping the boat.
After two blown trailer tires and 4 replacements over two days we were able to launch the boat and my new (to me) dinghy I motored to Andreas Cove Yacht Club looking for a couple of guys to help me step the mast.

Finally got some help to step the mast but by then I was exhausted and ended up just staying the night aboard and in the Yacht Clubs guest slip.

Finally on the map

10 September 2014 | Isleton, Ca
Orrin Hot to midlin
Finally got the stupid map settings to read correctly and actually show my boats location, at the marina, instead of in some field out by Lodi.
The older I get the less I seem to know.

Getting ready for the SF Bay Doo Dah, our club's version of the Latitude 38' Delta Doo Dah event. only in reverse.

A little perspective

08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
Orrin Hot to midlin
Heres a picture of the Cheese on her new home for the next 2 1/2 years. Seeing her out of the water definitely gives you a new perspective on how big this little sailboat really is.

Bottom exposed II

08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
Orrin Hot to midlin
So because "Sailblogs" doesn't seem to allow me to insert pictures into my posts anymore I will have to make a lot of small posts to be able to illustrate my point with pictures.
Here is a picture of the Swing Keel. The orange spots are rust bubbling up through the paint, these had to be ground down and repaired. I can only imagine how bad this would have been if the boat had been kept in saltwater.

Bottom exposed I

08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
Orrin Hot to midlin
So once the cheese was out of the water I finally got a good look at the bottom.
The bottom paint wasn't as bad as I feared and the keel looked better than I expected, but the boat looked like it had Mumps with all of the blisters on the bottom.


08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
Orrin Hot to midlin
Your text to link...back on the Delta!
There were points over the last couple of years where I thought that I might just sell the boat and move on, but a mix of perseverance and procrastination won out and I got all of the projects under the water line done and the boat is now back in the water.

So I'm going to spend the next few posts bringing everyone who reads this up to date on what I found and what was done.

So back on March 5th 2012 with the help of some good friends I dropped the mast, and motored over to a launch ramp to haul out the Cheese.
The first attempt was a failure as the used trailer I had purchased, bunks were to low and the boat was resting on the keel.

So back into the water with the boat, the trailer came back home for some modifications and came back the next weekend this time the trailer fit fine.
All was well the trailer made it the 45 miles home and the Odyssey began.
Vessel Name: Cheddar Cheese II
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 25
Hailing Port: Isleton, Ca
Crew: Orrin & Pegirae Anderson

California Delta Sailing

Who: Orrin & Pegirae Anderson
Port: Isleton, Ca