Sailing the California Delta

Stories of a new sailor exploring the California Delta on his 1982 Catalina 25

08 October 2014 | Mandeville Cut, San Joaquin River
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08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
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24 April 2011 | San Joaquin River, Ca
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16 March 2009 | Owl Harbor, Isleton Ca

New Goodies

10 March 2009 | Owl Harbor, Isleton, Ca
Well in my post about the weekend I did a good friend a dis-service and forgot to post about what an awesome guy he is. Don't get me wrong he was an awesome guy before but since this weekend he is even more awesomeer or something like that.

What am I rambling about you ask?
Well my friend Brian sold his power boat last week, and a few weeks back got rid of his Van Conversion in the process he ended up with an extra 1500 watt power inverter and a used Deep Cell battery. He knew I could use them so he brought them down to the boat on Sunday.
Well I got the new battery installed and it seems to work great, I have yet to permanently mount the inverter but that will happen in the next couple of weeks. I will probably buy one of those small microwaves to keep on the boat, for a quick cup of soup or popcorn it will be great. Also we can now charge the batteries on our laptops for those all important movie nights on the boat.

So if I didn't say it enough on Sunday Brian thanks again, you rock.
Vessel Name: Cheddar Cheese II
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 25
Hailing Port: Isleton, Ca
Crew: Orrin & Pegirae Anderson
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California Delta Sailing

Who: Orrin & Pegirae Anderson
Port: Isleton, Ca