S/V Catharpin Blue

Island Packet 420-62

28 November 2021 | Fairfax, Va
11 November 2021 | Fairfax, Va
10 November 2021 | Altoona, PA
09 November 2021 | Canton, OH
08 November 2021 | Springfield , IL
07 November 2021 | Near Alton, IL (Hartford, IL)
06 November 2021 | Independence, MO
06 November 2021 | St. Joseph’s, MO
05 November 2021 | Topeka, KS
05 November 2021 | Abeliene, KS
04 November 2021 | Kansas
03 November 2021 | Interstate 70 Colorado
02 November 2021 | Moab, UT
01 November 2021 | Fruits, Utah
31 October 2021 | Near Ogden, Utah
30 October 2021 | Utah / Idaho border
29 October 2021 | Glenn’s Ferry, Idaho
28 October 2021 | Boise, Idaho
28 October 2021 | Pendleton, Oregon
27 October 2021 | Columbia River Gourge

10,000 Plus Miles

28 November 2021 | Fairfax, Va
Marilyn Hilbers
Now that we are home, we have had a bit of time to enjoy the memory of our trip. The GPS tracks show upwards of 10,000 miles traveled. We went to some new states and caught up with many friends and relatives.

We renewed relations with some after MANY years. We saw Catharpin Blue and her new owners. We went to my 61st High School Reunion and the funeral of my best friend.

All in all we were gone 66 days (the day after Labor Day in September to the day after Veterans Day in November. The weather was beautiful all the time except the rain the the Pacific Northwest. We saw ALL of the National Parks in Utah. We saw 5 Presidential Libraries/Museums and followed some of the Lewis and Clark Voyage route. We updated our National Park Pass book with about 15 new entries.

We saw each of the grandchildren in their college environments. It was wonderful to see how they are each becoming unique individuals.

We travelled in the car (a hybrid that gets over 40 MPG). We stayed with relatives for about 15 of the days we were gone. We stayed in medium priced hotels along the way and had no real trouble getting last minute reservations. The prices were very reasonable except in the National parks area (in September). We prefer this to a camper where you have a large box to pull making it harder to climb hills. We went up to over 11,000 feet in Colorado and Utah (three or more times) and below sea level near the Salton Sea in California.

We learned so much. Mostly about geology and history. And it really made us hungry to learn more. We even saw our first "show" in Nashville ( high school acquaintance of Sam's) Ray Stevens.

Most of all, people everywhere were very friendly. And... we avoided COVID !!!

Home at last

11 November 2021 | Fairfax, Va
Marilyn Hilbers | Cooler
We arrived home late this afternoon. We have been gone just over two months - September 7th to November 11. (Basically Labor Day until Veterans Day)

We travelled over 10,000 miles. Mostly good weather - just a week of rain in the Pacific Northwest. We saw people we haven't seen in years. We saw family.

All in all, a wonderful trip.

The trip home was Pennsylvania backroads. We stopped in Oresinia, PA at East Broad Top RR. They were preparing for Christmas trips. A nostalgia trip for Sam.

It is good to be home.

Horseshoe Curve

10 November 2021 | Altoona, PA
Marilyn Hilbers | Clear
Today is the last night of our 2021 marathon USA land voyage.
Today we traveled from Canton Ohio to State College, PA. On the way we stopped on Altoona to see the horseshoe curve of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Built in the 1890's it is still used. The Norfolk. southern uses it and we watched a train climb the hill and twist around the bend. It is quite a climb to the visitor viewing area and a nice museum is also there. All in all a nice diversion.

Sam lived in State College for several years and of course Penn State is here. We enjoyed a nice trip down memory lane.

We had planned th visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, but at the last minute found it is closed on Wednesday and Sold Out for several more days. So we postponed that visit. Something to look forward for next time.

McKinley Presidential Museum

09 November 2021 | Canton, OH
Marilyn Hilbers | Clear
Today we travelled o Canton Ohio to see the McKinley Presidential Museum and tomb. They are set in a large park in Canton, OH where McKinley. Lived. In his adulthood. There are displays featuring McKinley and Canto and the area. In addition, there is ANOTHER incredible train layout that worked.

The picture is the tomb. It is huge and houses graves of the President, his wife Ida and two small daughters. It is open in the summer. months,, but is closed for winter. The hill houses a beautiful area.

The museum is tribute to McKinley, but also the area - steel and Timkin Roller Bearings.

This makes five Presidential Museums we have seen on this trip - Reagan, Eisenhower, Truman Lincoln and McKinley.
Vessel Name: Catharpin Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 420
Hailing Port: Deltaville, Va
Crew: Sam Fowler
About: Marilyn Hilbers
Sam and Marilyn have been sailing since 2000 and on Catharpin Blue since 2001. In that time they have sailed the Chesapeake and from the Chesapeake to Maine. From November 2006 to May 2007 they were sailing the Caribbean. In 2010 they again sailed to Tortola and plan to go west through the Panama [...]
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