Catching The Dream

26 April 2018 | Marina du Marin, Martinique, 26th April
19 April 2018 | Rodney Bay, St Lucia
19 April 2018 | Rodney Bay, St Lucia
17 April 2018 | North Atlantic 40 nms off Barbados, 17th April
17 April 2018 | North Atlantic 40 nms off Barbados, 17th April
15 April 2018 | North Atlantic 400 nms off St L,; opp Guyana Sun 15th April
14 April 2018 | North Atlantic 534 nms off St L,; op French Guiana/Surinam Sat 14th April
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12 April 2018 | North Atlantic 880 nms off St L, Thurs 12th April
10 April 2018 | North Atlantic 1200 nms off St L, 400 nms off the Amazon delta, Tues 10th April
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04 April 2018 | South Atlantic 5th April
02 April 2018 | Fernando de Noronha 2nd April
01 April 2018 | Fernando de Noronha 1st April
30 March 2018 | South Atlantic Ocean Fri 30th
29 March 2018 | South Atlantic Ocean Thurs 29th

I had a dream

05 November 2017
The other night, I had a dream.
It was really weird,
I was sporting a long and fluffy beard
And speaking to a World-wide team
Of astronomers and an audience
Of the Great and Good! It made no sense.

What's especially weird -
Apart from the amusingly fetching beard -
Was that this time,
The whole proceedings
Were recorded in rhyme!

It was my acceptance speech
Recorded as a chance to teach
The coming generations
The truth, with scientific explanation,
About the reality of space and
Time and our place
In the whole combobulation.

The occasion? The Nobel for science. No less!
But controversy was to the fore
As my theories were given their first public test.
I knew they'd clamour for more!

So.....here goes
A verbatim, recorded transcript
Of.....who knows?
A paradigm shift.
The solution to the ultimate mystery?
Of a speech that goes
Into the annals of history
As the moment in a space-time continuum that throws
A stone beyond the reach
Of man's mind ........ and over yon surfer's beach.

(I said it was weird
Perhaps you hadn't heard)

So: picture the scene.....
An august theatre somewhere,
Sweden, or maybe the Ukraine,
Hardly plain -
It couldn't have been headier
Everyone who came,
Was a Big name in science or the scientific media

''Ladies and gentlemen - thanks for the applause
Now please sit down as
The stewards close the doors.''

You are invited today
To end all conjecture
And face the nay sayers.
After considering all suggestions
You'll have the answers to the greatest astronomical questions,
Presented in this lecture.

First. To the conclusion.
You might think it mad,
But it is no illusion
We've all been had!

By Who?
All the fancy astronomical professors
Should turn into penitent confessors
Repenting of their sin -
That over the years
Have taken us all in.

Hubble? A bubble.
Nothing but expensive trouble
A camera without a flash?
Such a waste of cash.

Why explore Outer Space
To find a place
Not too cold, not too hot
To continue the human race
That it's already lost?

Another place for Man to ruin?
With their self-serving arrogance to the fore
The Presidents and those who continue denying
The obvious, and more?
They risk the lives of the millions in low lying
While the legions
Of wealthy, powerful, political 'haves'
Continue their deceitful lives

It's time we said No to these new fangled notions.
It's so obvious on a boat, at night, on an ocean.
Turn science on its head
Put thoughts of man's planetary expansion to bed.
It's so obvious, the blind will see.
Yes - Sent to bed - without any tea!

Hawking, Cox and May
Modern day theorists
Trying to 'out-Newton' today
Originals like Newton and Copernicus

The truth has been long in coming
But now it's here:
A revelation: you'll gasp
It's so clear.

Those starry diamonds a'twinkling in the sky?
Just pinprick holes in a card held high.
The colour of the card is greyish black
And there's a bicycle lamp
Shining through the back.

My dream
So vivid to this point
Loses focus.
It seems
There's some fracas.
People are looking mad
I don't think they're glad
It's quite a stink
Then someone - Cox I think -
Shouted something rather bad.

Something hits me in the side
My eyes flash open wide
''Want a perfect cup of tea?''
Maggie says to me,
Prodding my ribs
Lying there - like ''his 'nibs''

My eyes are glazed
My brain cells fazed
I had been ready to get
The medal, and cash and yet
More fame.
Not to mention
A lifetime pension;
And a certificate in a posh looking frame,

But now it seems
I should just go about as usual.
Ignore these dreams,
And act real casual.
I resolve to keep my revelation
To myself for fear of further consternation.

So hush
Don't spill the beans
The world's not ready
For my thoughts on such schemes.
If you just keep it 'tween us
We'll both avoid a fuss.
And to avoid being weird?
Never grow a long fluffy beard.


Vessel Name: DreamCatcher
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 49DS
Hailing Port: Cowes
Crew: Martin and Margaret Rutt
Extra: We're only popping out for a sail. We've 'done' the San Blas, Panama Canal, Galapagos, Marquesas, Rangiroa, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Tanna, New Caledonia and Brisbane; and up to Darwin so see you in........err....Durban.
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