Catching The Dream

19 April 2018 | Rodney Bay, St Lucia
19 April 2018 | Rodney Bay, St Lucia
17 April 2018 | North Atlantic 40 nms off Barbados, 17th April
17 April 2018 | North Atlantic 40 nms off Barbados, 17th April
15 April 2018 | North Atlantic 400 nms off St L,; opp Guyana Sun 15th April
14 April 2018 | North Atlantic 534 nms off St L,; op French Guiana/Surinam Sat 14th April
13 April 2018 | North Atlantic 734 nms off St L,; op French Guiana, Fri 13th April
12 April 2018 | North Atlantic 880 nms off St L, Thurs 12th April
10 April 2018 | North Atlantic 1200 nms off St L, 400 nms off the Amazon delta, Tues 10th April
10 April 2018 | North Atlantic 1230 nms off St L, Tues 10th April
09 April 2018 | North Atlantic 1300 nms off St L: Monday 9th April
08 April 2018 | North Atlantic 8th April
07 April 2018 | 3 nm N of Equator - North Atlantic 7th April
06 April 2018 | 59.191 nm S of Equator - South Atlantic 6th April
04 April 2018 | South Atlantic 5th April
02 April 2018 | Fernando de Noronha 2nd April
01 April 2018 | Fernando de Noronha 1st April
30 March 2018 | South Atlantic Ocean Fri 30th
29 March 2018 | South Atlantic Ocean Thurs 29th
27 March 2018 | South Atlantic Ocean Tues 27th

Christmas Day on the Sailboat

26 December 2017 | ZYC
It was Christmas Day on the sailboat,
With the smell of roasting chicken
The sprouts were just about ready
Only the gravy needed to thicken.

This year it's a de-boned chicken
Although the stuffing with figs and feta - is quirky
Because the oven isn't very big
Certainly too small for a turkey!

The presents had been opened
A sail each - for him and her
Plus a bottle of the local hooch
And spicy pickled onions in a jar

The wind rose ever higher
And we rocked from side to side
But our beefed-up mooring lines
Held us firm 'gainst wind and tide.

We ate out in the cockpit
The weather, howling all around
It's a really lovely feeling
Rocked and rolled quite firmly, but being safe and sound

Earlier we had 'messengered' our boys and their girls.
This year,
Chris and Polly are holidaying in Sri Lanka while Stew and Kim
Are in their cosy home in Wiltshire

2017 has been quite amazing
With excitement and sadness too
With new friends won and lost -
The tribulations of needing 'crew'!

With so much change around us -
A constant feature as we roam -
We value highly the support of friends and family
Around the World and back home.

Soon, DC will be casting-off again, to round the Cape of Storms
A right hand turn, then northwards
To Namibia, St Helena, Brazil, Barbados, Antigua, Bermuda and the Azores
Before Spain and la Linea on Gribraltar's western shores.

So, as Big Ben's final bongs of the year approach,
We say to all the readers of this Blog
Thanks! We love you. Have a healthy and Happy New Year
Which, in February, begins the Chinese Year of the Dog!

Woof. Woof.
Vessel Name: DreamCatcher
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 49DS
Hailing Port: Cowes
Crew: Martin and Margaret Rutt
Extra: We're only popping out for a sail. We've 'done' the San Blas, Panama Canal, Galapagos, Marquesas, Rangiroa, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Tanna, New Caledonia and Brisbane; and up to Darwin so see you in........err....Durban.
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