In The Wind

08 June 2008 | NM

The Start

08 June 2008 | NM
Ok, never had a blog before. But then, I've never had a sailboat before either. Have owned ski boats, jet ski's, houseboat, but never a sailboat. Just sold the houseboat and bought a Catalina 22. Have always wanted a sailboat. I think I could live on one easily, course, would have to be bigger than a 22 and I'd have to move to the ocean, which may happen yet. Sounds like the perfect retirement plan to me. Get out of this cold weather which I hate! Still waiting for it to warm up here in NM. A little more work on the boat and I'll be out on the lake next week on days off. Got a lot to learn and am anxious to get started.
Vessel Name: De La Sol
Vessel Make/Model: Cataline 22
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