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13 June 2008
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13 June 2008
At the marina the tides are 20' at least. Thank goodness for floating docks, but the climb up to ground level can get steep.


12 June 2008 | Mylor
We brought fine weather to England. If I manage to manipulate a picture it should show Catsmeow on a pontoon at Mylor Yacht Harbour, with flags flying: Stars & Stripes on the stern, British Ensign (it's not protocol to fly the Union Jack on a boat) & Cornish Flag (Mylor is in the county of Cornwall) at the starboard spreader!! Keep working everyone; it's no fun being retired!


09 June 2008
I am officially changing the blog title to "Half Circle Sailing"!
The trip acroos the Atlantic has been more than a dream come true, & with no major problems, I say "Don't push your luck, mate".....So I'll get Catsmeow returned by a Delivery Team. Of course the main reason is that I'm missing Teresa, family, friends et al. So I'll return to the States with Teresa at the end of her visit in August.
Thank you all for your encouragement & interest. Both quite unexpected, but much appreciated. I'll continue to post an occassional picture from "Jolly Old", just for the heck of it. Cheers, Mike
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Vessel Make/Model: PROUT 38
Hailing Port: Fort Myers Beach
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