cattiva at sea

01 May 2014 | Prickly Bay
11 January 2010 | Jekyll Island, Ga.
01 January 2010 | Jekyll Harbor Marina, GA
17 December 2009 | Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA

still in Grenada

01 May 2014 | Prickly Bay
sunny and humid
We are running late! Still in Grenada, but accomplishing a lot. Hope to reach the ABC islands soon?
Stay tuned...

Gotta move on.....

11 January 2010 | Jekyll Island, Ga.
Maria Freezing in Georgia! Would never have believed it possible!
As Barbara Streisand said in her song: "Gotta leave this place ( though I love it!) gotta leave this "marina", gotta move on, gotta move...
Those of you who know me well, will understand. I do need to go or I'll get bored??
Anyway, will miss Jekyll Island, the Club, the majestic Live Oak trees, but most of all, all the wonderful people we met here. That's the only part of sailing I don't like: saying good-bye to some very special people. Hopefully we'll run into them again at an anchorage somewhere warmer...
The above picture was taken on Christmas day...our dinner...notice my "tacky" tree!!

Happy New Year!

01 January 2010 | Jekyll Harbor Marina, GA
Maria, cold and sunny
Happy New Year everybody!!
The sun is finally shining here...hope you are all feeling better after last night's celebrations. I know I am, and we are doing it all over tonight with a potluck dinner and bonfire. My bicycle riding is fast improving; no tree has hit me yet, and I have not demolished any cars or peoople, including myself>
Maurice is again ripping the place apart, hopefully for the last time as we plan to leave on Jan. 8th.
Wish you all the best for 2010 and forever after.!!!

My First Blog Entry

17 December 2009 | Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA
Maria, Blasting wind, blustery and cold!
Hey! I had my first bicycle riding lesson today, after 36 years, and fell, of course. Never did learn to ride a bike in youth, so...
Finally got the hang of it, and we rode under huge Spanish moss- covered trees. They were as big as cathedrals. Took a wrong turn, and my supposedly brief outing turned out to be a VERY long ride, at times with winds pushing me back! And, had to pedal backwards to stop! That was the most difficult part,but I did manage to get back to the boat in one piece.

This is a picture of Maurice looking cool, sitting in our cockpit in the Bahamas last spring.
Vessel Name: CATTIVA
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 393
Hailing Port: Toronto
Crew: Maurice and Maria
About: We are from Grimsby, Ontario and we began sailing in 2007 when we purchased our first and only boat. We love the adventure of it all and hope to take the boat to Trinidad in the spring of 2010.
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Who: Maurice and Maria
Port: Toronto